Uganda is set to reopen casinos and other betting outlets.

Casino and other betting outlets owners were given greenlight by the Government of Uganda to resume with their business by allowing them to reopen all their shops and Casinos which have been suspended since march due to the outbreak of coronavirus all around the world.

It is with no doubt the outbreak of Covid-19 has affected numerous businesses in the world and hit a huge negative effect on the gambling industry in the world and Uganda in particular where the government decided shutdown all betting shops and casinos in order to stop mass gathering which was a high risk of spreading Covid-19.

The government of Uganda has further eased some of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in specific sectors were also the gambling industry is also given permission to reopen their shops effective on saturday 14th`of this month but after fulfilling the Standard Operating Procedures ( SOPs ) and maintaining social distancing.

While addressing the media yesterday evening at the ministry headquarters in Kampala, health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, said the number of people allowed for mass gatherings for prayers, political rallies, meetings and weddings has been increased from 70 to 200 persons.

Achieng said that the new guidelines will take effect on 14th November 2020, clarifying that open air cinemas, gyms, massage parlors and mobile markets will also operate with a limited number not exceeding 200.

Casinos and gaming outlets will also resume operations under strict observance of the Standard Operating Procedures from 14th November between 6:30am to 7:00pm.

Meanwhile, the minister clarified that bars and discotheques will remain closed due to the rising cases and covid-19 deaths in urban areas, while curfew and other areas not mentioned will remain as have been.

Most of the betting companies in Uganda that were basing so much on street betting houses and kiosks have had a very big problem for almost 9 months when since they were suspended in march and main problem is that they have to pay big sums of money for rent even though they have not been working.

Given the fact that these companies also have the online platforms where punters and Casino players have been able to place their bets and as well play casino online, some of the gamblers would prefer not to gamble online for personal interests hence a big number of gamblers is lost to the companies.

The Nation Lottery and Gaming Board has further more clarified on the permission which was given to casinos and betting outlets and has also set strict laws to be fulfilled before the opening on 14th of which some include providing hand sanitizers to all points of sale, Provision of atleast one temperature measuring gun,provision of face masks to all the attendants in the shop and also following the social distancing procedure.

The Board has however emphasized to put strict inspection on all betting houses and casinos to ensure that all the SOPs are being followed accordingly.

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