Understanding Free Bets and How to Unlock Them

Africa is one continent that has experiencing an influx of both gamblers and betting providers. For this reason, there are lots of punters signing up daily to betting platforms with numerous bonuses.

The fact that sportsbooks are competing for these new customers means that more competitive bonuses are being introduced every day. In this article, I will be expounding on how to unlock the free bets you are entitled to upon registration and how they could grace your gambling journey.

What are free bets?

A free bet is an offer of a specified amount given by a bookmaker to any new customer. It’s simply a bet you place without staking since the bookmaker plays the stake for you. You literally “bet on the house”. If you place a bet and wins, the profits from the bet are yours and the rest goes back to the sportsbook since you had not staked. Free bets are an incentive to attract more customers to sign up with bookmakers. This is a strategy that has gained popularity of the years and proving very effective. It is essential for the advantage of the sportsbook but gamblers can as well use various tactics to use the free signup bets to their advantage. Punters should have it in mind that there are millions of money in the form of offers and bonuses to be utilized. We have to keep educating you in such and other gambling matters.

Conditions for unlocking free bets

The idea of getting a free bet sounds too good to be true. Most of us are cautious with online offers and sometimes think they are a scam. This is real. But as it is with most offers, there are specific requirements to unlock your free bet.

In the case of a free sign up bet, you need to follow the process outlined below.

1. Sign up with the sportsbook of your choice.

This is in simple terms opening a betting account with a bookmaker. Sometimes to claim a signup free bet, you might be required to use a certain special link while registering your new account or provide a special promo code.

2. Attach a payment option to your account.

You might be required to add a credit card or a bank account as your method of payment. Be sure to use the payment methods supported or accepted by the bookmaker. There are numerous methods for depositing and withdrawing winnings such as the most effective eWallet like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

3. Complete the wagering requirements.

There are specific requirements specified for you to unlock your bonus. For instance, you might be required to place a bet of $100 before your free bet profits can be released. This step is however not compulsory with all bookmakers. It all depends with the bookmaker you choose to use, just keep it in mind just in case you are required to do so.

4. Place your free bet.

After unlocking your free bet, you need to have a strategy to have a sure bet. There are various ways to maximize your free bet as I mentioned earlier.

Ways to maximize your free bets

By now you understand that somehow the free bets aren’t free. This is because you have to labor for it in some way or the other. Now that you have learned what you need to do to unlock your free bet bonus, read on and learn about betting strategies you can use to reap more benefits from your free bet. Don’t let it go to waste.

Use the matched betting strategy to make real money from your free bet.
Matched betting is a betting strategy that involves punters using the free bets to place a bet with a bookmaker on a particular outcome and using a betting exchange to bet on the opposite outcome. You use this technique to offset the risk of placing your bet on either of the outcomes. This is because you get to make a profit regardless of the outcome.

How about hedging a bet?
This is a tactic punters use to increase their chances of getting guaranteed profits. Place that bet you have in mind and then use the free bet to place another possible outcome as your hedge bet.

Grow your bankroll
A bigger bankroll will allow you to bet more. Growing your bankroll means that funds won’t be limiting your bets. If you can increase your bankroll without touching your bank account the better. To succeed, you need to meet your wagering requirements by placing a bet with a bookmaker you’re guaranteed to receive a free bet from. After unlocking your free bet, you can use any preferable tactics to double your bankroll by making reasonable guaranteed profits.

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