Unique online casino games

Most of us have been familiar with the biggest gambling games as blackjack, roulette, or Texas Hold’em which can be played online too. But there are several unique online gambling games you can choose from if you’d like to try out something new. Like the online version of the popular card game, War or the online slots of scratch cards and Jenga.

We all need new things to discover and luckily developers know that as they always come up with something unique. Thanks to online casino sites we can play almost every normal game online now from card games to dice, not to mention hundreds of slots games. But after a while, even the most popular ones can get boring, so it’s worth looking around and discovering some new options. With some of them creating an online version of an existing game, others combining different games together. Let’s see some of these new creations in our list below.

Spingo Definitely Belongs To Unique Online Gambling Games.
You might not have heard about Spingo before. But as its name suggests, it is a combination of roulette (spin) and bingo. In this game, you make a bet on a number just like in normal roulette, but you can choose from four colors (there are red, yellow, blue, and one green slot) instead of two. While the numbers go from 0-10 instead of 0-36. There are 21 balls that are called out just like in Bingo. So if you bet on one blue, and one is called out, you already won. Besides the actual number, you can also bet on the color, the number/color combination, or if the number is odd or even. You can find this special version on several online casino sites in France now along with traditional roulette games.

War is Also Payable Online Now.
But if you’re looking for a more challenging card game, you can try out Red Dog Poker, which is a simple version of poker. After making a bet you’ll have two cards delivered by the dealer with faces up. If they match, a third card will be dealt. If it is also a match, you’ll be paid 11:1. When the third card is different it is a push. You also have a push if your first two cards are consecutive cards, eg, 6 and 7.

But if none of the above are true for them, you’ll get a third card, which must be between the first two cards to win. If it is a higher value then you lose. The smaller you spread is, the higher the payout. For example, if you have 3 and 5 as your first two cards, it means you have a two-card spread with a 4:1 payout. Though this game has lost its popularity since the growth of Texas Hold’em, you can still play it on some online gambling sites.

Jenga is One Of The Most Unique Slot Games

There is an endless choice of available online slots you can play with, with some very unusual ones. One of them is Jenga, which definitely gets a new meaning in the online gambling world. Instead of steady hands, you’ll need luck for this game to win in this original slot. Where you have a tower with colorful blocks. You win if you get three of the same colored blocks on the same level. The winning blocks disappear and new blocks are added at the top of the tower.

Online Scratchcards
Most people love scratchcards which are definitely the easiest easy to win some money instantly. Now we can re-live this excitement in the online versions, where we can find regular ones to more extreme versions. Like Crypt Crusade, where you can win different amounts on your way to the gold in the middle.

Or an Iron Man-themed card, where you can see the familiar symbols of the film. Just like in the paper versions, usually, you’ll need to have three of the same symbols to win. But rules, prizes, and costs can vary from game to game. Online scratchcards are quick and easy to play with. And they are perfect replacements for the real ones if you can’t go out to get them.

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