Unlocking mobile ecosystem, positioned Africa’s iGaming growth

Undoubtedly the emergence of the mobile ecosystem and the penetration over the years has highlighted the proliferation of Africa’s iGaming betting and gambling among the region young populations that are tech-savvy thanks to the mobile broadband penetration.

Still, the area has a considerable proportion of those not connected to the broadband network, due to the increasing African population has been a significant challenge it is expected to reach 2.4 billion inhabitants by 2050 some would agree with me that this obstacle would see demand for everything and the tremendous opportunity for investors and the gambling industry is no exception to this potentials. Unlocking the mobile ecosystem potential can add over $150 billion in value to sub-Saharan Africa’s economy by 2022, according to GSMA. This is equivalent to almost 8 percent of regional GDP. The key to unlocking this economic value is adopting innovative and cost-effective solutions that are not restricted by existing infrastructure enablement in technology. The amount of mobile Africa’s ecosystem penetration has been instrumental to the Africa iGaming industry. Mobile phone penetration must continue to spread across the region as it is undoubtedly crucial to Africa’s iGaming sphere growth, which is projected to reach $2 billion by 2024.

The mobile ecosystem further has been fundamental to the continent gambling industry growth and players’ acceptance, particularly in rural and urban areas thanks to the competitive mobile market landscape in Africa. In comparison industry suppliers have been able to pinpoint the trends of mobile phones in Africa. Mobile-first how it has captured the imagination of the ordinary people by innovating and optimize technologies to capture those with smartphones users and customers with features phones by offering players the access to participate in mobile betting and through USSD betting (SMS betting) for those phones without a web browser, these have been the testament to the unprecedented growth of the iGaming betting and gambling sphere. The widespread of iGaming betting was possible thanks to the Fintech technology penetration (mobile money) bridging financial exclusion that allows customers to deposit, receive and make payment and even borrow money through their mobile wallet; this runaway success from Kenya Safaricom M-pesa has now spread to every African market to connect people outside the context of traditional banking methods the exponential growth of mobile money is evident, 46 percent of global mobile money account is in Africa these translate to approximately 395.7 million accounts out of a worldwide total of 866 million, the increasing penetration has been touted that by the end of 2020 mobile money account to hit 500 million.

It is said Africa would be the home of mobile money in the world. However, as mentioned earlier, the competitive mobile market landscape’s continuity has also been the most significant contributor to mobile phone acceptance. With as low as $10, the majority of the people now have access to it. In other words, they can afford to buy mobile phones. However, the most significant catalyst still has been having affordable internet service in which the proportion of the people always finds it expensive, especially those in rural areas. For example, recently, there is a public clamor in Malawi regarding the high cost of buying internet data, which is around $21 US dollars despite 52 percent having access to mobile phones and how expensive it is to most of the population.

But still, recently, gaming operators are partnering with Telecos Company by offering customers the opportunity to even place a bet without an internet connection by providing them a safe mode version to bet through their mobile phone. For example, Betway is offering its customers such an opportunity. In contrast, it more than necessary that mobile phone penetration continues at the current pace in Africa, as it will unlock numerous opportunities for all sectors. For the gambling industry, it will further propel the iGaming betting and gambling proliferation in Africa.

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