Unpacking the Impact of Streamers on Player Engagement and Traffic

We’re excited to present an exclusive interview with Adil Tishpayew, our esteemed Marketing and Streamers Relations Manager at Endorphina. Adil shares his expert insights on the significant role streamers play in boosting traffic and enhancing player engagement, and how these digital influencers are integral to shaping the future of online gaming.

Join us as we explore how Endorphina is navigating and capitalizing on these partnerships to stay at the forefront of the iGaming industry.

Question: Can you start by sharing your assessment of the current impact streamers have on our traffic and player engagement?

Adil: Absolutely. Streamers who provide high-quality content and understand their audience continue to play a crucial role in shaping the iGaming landscape. With an average daily viewership of approximately 70,000 on platforms like Twitch and Kick watching gambling-related streams, their influence is significant.
Over recent years, Endorphina has not only recognized but strategically capitalized on this trend. We have established a dedicated team to foster global collaborations with streamers, which has significantly enhanced player engagement across our games. Our innovative approach includes hosting streamers at our offices for live broadcasts and engaging weekends, which has been instrumental in expanding our community and social media presence. Our commitment to this segment is strong, with plans to further expand our initiatives in the streaming space.

Q: How do streamers influence player behavior? Are there any notable trends in player retention or acquisition through streams?

A: Streamers effectively highlight the potential for substantial winnings in our games, which draws attention and excitement. They often focus on their favorite slots, dedicating time to showcase all the features and big win possibilities. This not only entertains but also educates the audience, sometimes through comprehensive reviews.
Our strategic collaborations with streamers have proven effective in attracting new players and retaining them through unique challenges and giveaways. We closely monitor metrics such as new and active users, betting volumes pre- and post-streaming promotions, and social media growth to gauge the impact of these partnerships.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you face when working with streamers?

A: The primary challenge is navigating the issue of fraudulent traffic. Some streamers engage in practices like using bots that mimic viewer engagement or artificially inflating viewer counts through embedded streams on other sites. These methods skew the perception of genuine viewer interest and can mislead partners about the quality of the traffic being delivered.
Another challenge is dealing with streamers who overestimate the value of their traffic, demanding higher compensation than justified. This often correlates with a lack of deep understanding of the games they are promoting, which results in lower-quality content.

Q: Based on your experience, what improvements would you suggest to enhance our current strategies with streamers?

A: To keep pace with industry advancements, streamers are focusing more on content quality. Technologies like widget applications that display bonuses and tournaments directly on the stream enhance viewer engagement. Furthermore, AI tools are being developed to track detailed viewer statistics and enable simultaneous viewing and gaming, which could deepen audience engagement with our content.
At Endorphina, we are refining our collaboration strategies to ensure they are mutually beneficial, maximizing both streamer satisfaction and audience attraction to our games. Our goal is to create experiences that provide both the streamers and their audiences with memorable endorphin rushes and impressive prizes.

Q: Could you provide examples of successful collaborations with streamers that had a significant impact on our game launches or promotions?

A: Certainly! One successful initiative involved collaboration with streamers that helped build a thriving community, boosting bet numbers by 40% on a particular project. Another partnership led to a 55% increase in channel subscribers and garnered over 200,000 social media views. Additionally, a specific promotion achieved over 800,000 live views, significantly elevating brand visibility and product engagement.
Furthermore, our collaboration on the release of “Joker Ra” involved numerous top streamers, which not only created significant buzz but also propelled the game into the top 10 most played list.
These examples underscore the profound impact well-planned collaborations can have on our promotional efforts and overall brand engagement.

Thank you for joining us for this enlightening conversation with Adil Tishpayew, Endorphina Marketing and Streamers Relations Manager, as he shed light on the impact and strategies of streaming in the iGaming sector. As the landscape of digital engagement continues to evolve, Endorphina is dedicated to pioneering innovative collaborations and refining our approaches with streamers to foster success and create captivating experiences for players globally.

Look forward to more updates and expert insights in our upcoming newsletters, where we will continue to share our advancements and triumphs in the expansive world of iGaming. Until next time, keep aiming for those big wins and unforgettable experiences!

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