Updated Football Satellite Virtuals Hits the African Retail Betting Market

Instasoftbet.com announces the launch of updated Football Satellite Virtuals for the African Retail Betting Market. The service provides a Virtual live feed of Football games and has already been seen on Betradar Virtuals for the recent Euro 2020 and will be widely available for European Competitions and the upcoming World Cup.

Virtual feeds are not new, but the improvements via Satellite Technology means the quality that can be delivered on the African Continent, where internet infrastructure is less stable, means a superior seamless experience with none of the latency problems from traditional internet connections.

Operators can now offer their customers a high-quality 3D Betradar Virtual live simulation, Football and Basketball game in real time and close to the experience of watching the game live on television.

Betradar Euro 2020 Live Virtual Feed

We have seen the popularity, adoption and value of Virtuals. By using satellite technology, we are able to overcome these issues making it possible for operators on the continent to offer Virtuals to their customers at an affordable cost.

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