Video game & gambling addiction poised to spread during lockdown

With much of the lockdown spreading across all countries across the globe, video game and gambling use have exploded.

Its become a way for millions of quarantine people to pass the time and stay connected to others without spreading coronavirus-though experts have applauded the idea. But for some percentage of users, the binge comes with a dark side internet and gaming addiction. Like problem gamblers, video-game addicts are under several pressures, including stress, isolation and unemployment in which virtually all sectors are downsizing workers.

Some staff is on vacation, a compulsory leave without pay and people are being encouraged to engage in the very behaviour they struggle with. Every risk factor for gambling addiction is spiking right now, and the same is true for internet and gaming addiction. According to a report from expert Keith Whyte, executive director at the National Council on Problem Gambling –

There could be a wave of addiction, quite a big wave across the globe. Perhaps for those workers that lost their jobs as most will consider other sources of making money.

Due to bills as it will begin to clamp down on them at the same, the lockdown will also see a new set of bettors born out due to Covid-19 that will emerge in the gambling scene. Though it’s creating a problem for government officials, health officials and other stakeholders, but tackling Covid-19 is the priority.

As they is no vaccine yet to treat the virus and that means getting people to stay home to stop the spread of the virus is the only alternative for now. Perhaps the more extended quarantine is going on; the more likely some people will develop problems.

Still, some gamblers may struggle to get their lives back on track after the pandemic is over. As people will tend to look for a form of entertainment because so many people are home alone, social standing as changed people want to impress their friend’s online rather than real life and that often involves gaming.

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