Video games in Kenya are becoming outdated

On September 3 this year, NTV Kenya reported that 38 students had been arrested in Thika for allegedly engaging in “suspicious adult activities”.

The students, 26 of whom were in secondary school, nine in college and three in primary school, were rounded up at a gaming complex owned by two young adults.

“It is very wrong for children under 18 to be indulged in such kind of gaming and betting businesses,” – said Thika OCPD Bernard Ayoo after the arrests.

His sentiments were shared by the community policing body that reported the children for their alleged truancy, as they would skip school to visit the establishment.

The report, available on YouTube, attracted commentary from the ever-growing gaming community in the country, with some pointing out the “ignorance” in the statement that gaming is an illegal activity and that it is unsuitable for children.

In today’s digital world, video games are a pastime for children as young as six, with parameters and age restrictions ensuring that the games are appropriate and not harmful to their development.


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