Virtual Sports on the Rise

2020 was a year that very little good can be said about it so far, and there are no signs of all of the happenings changing. Many industries all over the globe have undergone numerous changes as a way of adapting to the situation at hand. One of these is the online gambling industry, with companies such as is at the forefront in making these adaptive changes.

When all the sporting events came to a standstill, BetPawa stepped in using their website and the app, where punters are offered numerous chances of betting on virtual sports as a way of making them stay happy. Despite the fact that many of the major sporting events have resumed, the same games are still being enjoyed by punters in Nigeria but as virtual events that can be accessed on, one of the best things that have happened in 2020.

Virtual Gambling on BetPawa

Virtual sports work in such a way that they imitate the best online betting platforms, as player can simulate sporting events using their devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. The best bit is that you do not have to make payments for premium subscription of satellite television, or waiting all week for Saturdays in the afternoon for kick-off times. Virtual sports are highly reliable considering that they are ever present, and one does not have to wait for a specific time to place a bet as they can do so on demand. If you feel like in the middle of the night you want to place a bet, you simply select a league, place the wager, and watch as things unfold.

In Nigeria, the most popular sport is football, as many fans within the country have a passion for most of the leading teams in Europe where top Nigerian footballers engage in the game professionally. Therefore, it is not surprising that BetPawa has turned all its attention on the sport, with special interest in the European leagues, meaning that punters can place wagers on teams like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, Juventus, Liverpool, Chelsea, Inter Millan, and many other numerous teams. In the same way as in the sports book of betPawa, one can bet on online games starting from as low as using 1 Naira.
Betting on Virtual Sports – The Knowhow

If you have the basics regarding placing normal bets on sports, then you are good to go with regards to virtual sports, as there is nothing more to it. The main reason being that virtual sports simulate the real deal, hence maintaining a sense of familiarity for the fans. Upon visiting the virtual sports section of the betPawa website or app, you will find out that there are 3 major European football leagues; Spanish, English, and Italian. Each of these leagues has ongoing matches at any given time, as they are always ten games involving twenty teams. The matches take place after every five minutes, thereby having a total of 8640 games taking place within 24 hours.

Once you select a league of interest, you can select any game, where various gambling options would appear, including win/lose/draw, both teams to score, over/under, halftime/fulltime, and many more. As the matches take place after every five minutes, punters have a five minute resting period for thinking about how to place their wagers. Besides that, the odds have been developed in such a way that they are reflective of the abilities that the real team has. For example, if Barcelona are playing against Alaves, the odds will be in such a way that they favor Barcelona (not that Alaves is a bad team, but it is not better than Barcelona when playing from home).

All that this implies is that virtual sports operate in the same way as the real deal, only that you do not have to wait for specific days on when to bet as they take place all the time.

Pointers and Predictions

When dealing with virtual sports, the betting tips and predictions that you use under normal circumstances may not be helpful. The reason is that these virtual games are not in any way affected by normal parameters like the choices made by the referee, the form of the best player or playmaker, or any other real life variables. Instead, the game results are dependent on a number that is generated randomly that makes sure each and every result is fair and random.

The prediction of a number generated randomly is not possible, which makes the whole point of the virtual games. As a punter, it is still enjoyable to look at the form of the players or the team in general as a way of determining the result, but predicting a number generated randomly is not possible, the same way you cannot foretell the outcome of the roll of a dice.

If you are new to virtual games, you are recommended to place wagers on familiar bets, including selecting the team to win for every match, betting on both to score that is one of the most common choices, or the over/under 1.5 goals option.

Why have Virtual Games become Popular?

The popularity of virtual sports went on a sharp rise in 2020, as before then their popularity was relatively low. Most punters are enthusiastic on getting what they bet on, yet this opportunity has always not been present. Nevertheless, despite the resumption of major leagues in England and Spain, these games have still maintained their popularity.

Some of the reasons include:
• The fact that the results are instant, as you do not have to wait for several days to bet, or 90 minutes and extra time to get the result of a game. Virtual games take a very short time, and when one game ends another one starts immediately. They offer gratification or fulfilment that is instant for the player.
• The games are available at all times. When looking at the European leagues, most of the time there are ten games every week, and many of them occur on Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon, while a few happen during weekday nights. However, what would one do in these other times? What would you do with some of your free times on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoon when you would fancy betting on EPL football?

With virtual sports, you do not need to ask yourself many questions, as the games are readily available for betting as they are there upon demand. In fact, it is up to you as the punter to decide what time not to bet and when to bet.

• They are easy to handle, as the process is similar to betting on real sports. You are not required to have any form of detailed experience, besides having deep knowledge of the teams you are wagering on. That is all that you are expected to focus on.

What does the Betting Future Dictate?

In Nigeria, is one of the largest sports betting firms that you can find, as it is a platform that showcases various sporting events that include Football, tennis, basketball, rugby, and many others. The live betting markets that are available for punters are from leagues such as the EPL, Serie A, and La Liga, where many African, including Nigeria football stars engage professionally. Also, available in the platform includes an abundance of games that involve various jackpots and countless combinations of betting options on a weekly basis.

However, the section of the virtual games is one that has caught the attention of many punters in recent months. These games are readily available for punters at any given point of time on a daily basis. In fact, being stuck in any form of lockdown with a source of internet is the best thing that can ever happen to you as a punter, as sporting actions are readily available for you on

All you have to do is register by clicking on today and see for yourself. In fact, available are various attractive welcoming rewards to start out as a new punter on the platform. It does not matter whether the major European leagues take a break again, as all you have to do to get continuous sporting action is checking on the virtual sports section of, place you wager, and rest to watch as everything unfolds. It is as easy as it gets for you.

African jurisdictions have devised new means of survival, especially when normal sporting events are out of season. The Covid-19 period has been a wakeup call to many gamers who relied on sports betting as the only source of income. The total lockdowns across nations dealt a big blow to all operators who have now realized the need for diversity. As a result, players are on the lookout for virtual sports. Betting companies like BetPawa are now servicing the rapidly growing demand in Africa. If you are an enthusiastic gamer, you are sorted as you can place bets on virtual games and win instantly.

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