“We develop definitely Africa” – says CMO of Parimatch Africa

What does the African subsidiary of Parimatch do? What announcement to expect of the company in September? CMO of Parimatch Africa Dmytro Belianin answered these and other relevant questions in the interview for Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference.

KIAC: Tell us how your career in gambling started. What were the first projects that gave you the most of experience?

D.B.: I have been into gambling for a long time. I started with online poker over 10 years ago when the US market was on the rise. For some time, I was combining online poker and marketing, was even writing some training materials until I decided to focus on marketing. Now it is difficult to say what project gave me more experience, as every experience is valuable and it is very important to take the maximum and pay attention to development in every company.

KIAC: What does Parimatch Africa do and what is your range of responsibilities as CMO?

D.B.: Parimatch Africa has been successfully operating as a legal online and retail sports bookmaker for over three years. Now only in Tanzania, but we have rather ambitious plans of further expansion. Over time of existence, the company opened over 30 retail shops in Tanzania and launched an online product, which includes a mobile app. My responsibilities include building a marketing strategy for online and retail, and control of successful execution and compliance with all the features of this strategy. And, of course, work with KPI.

KIAC: What achievements has Parimatch Africa already gained? Can you mention the most illustrative cases?

D.B.: Now we are one of the leading companies in the market of Tanzania and show steady growth month by month. In the middle of September, we presented our Tanzanian brand ambassador – popular musician and dancer known as Diamond Platnumz. It should totally change the rules of the game in the market and, we hope, give us a significant advantage.

KIAC: Does the African gambling market strongly differ from the CIS and global markets? Why?

D.B.: There is a great difference, indeed. And the main difference is in people: mentality, attitude to life, money, sports, betting. As our business mainly bases on people, we have to look for new approaches, mechanics. It seems to me that we have managed to find the right balance and correct approach to the Tanzanian audience.

KIAC: Is there a big number of global gambling companies that have already opened subsidiaries in Africa?

D.B.: No. There are up to 10 big companies in the market and we were among the first. The majority is still a little afraid.

KIAC: What main difficulties does the company face working in the African region?

D.B.: I think they are product adaptation, marketing support, correct calculation of all expenses, and forecasting results. Most often, the problem is that not all peculiarities of the market have been taken into account and this is the consequence of incorrect research and forecasts.

KIAC: Are there any markets that you are interested to work in?

D.B.: I have already worked in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. I can admit that each market has its interesting peculiarities. It is primarily connected with the countries that colonized and contributed to their development. The Tanzanian gambling market is very interesting and in the next years, I will be gladly developing it, helping my company to gain the leading positions.

KIAC: Tell us about your plans for the near 1-2 years. In what direction would you like to develop and what professional tasks do you set for yourself?

D.B.: Now it is definitely Africa. In the next few years, we have to enter several more African countries and strengthen there. As for me as a specialist, I want to plunge deeper into the subtleties of the market and better understand needs and lifetime of local players. Each African country is unique and full of its own peculiarities.

KIAC: What will you tell the guests of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019?

D.B.: I will share what is happening in the African gambling market and why Africa is interesting in general for people involved in gambling traffic acquisition.

On September 26, Dmytro will make a presentation “African gambling market: what it is and is it profitable?” He will elaborate on the specifics of this exotic market and answer questions that will arise during his report.

Source: affiliateconf.com.ua

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