Weather betting with 1xBet: Not just a Christmas market

1xBet has added a new betting market to its portfolio as the operator continues to develop new markets that might appeal to a wider demographic than the regular sports offering.

In the UK, betting what the weather will be like on Christmas Day has been a traditional betting market for decades, but 1xBet is now offering year-round weather markets to its customers based on meteorological readings taken at major airports.

Placing bets on the weather at a set time, explained 1xBet, “is a new form of entertainment for which there is a wide selection of markets”.

The new ‘weather betting’ section has already been added to the 1xBet website, which now houses over 100 markers for meteorological services at airports primarily based in the Caribbean, South America, Central Africa, South-East Asia and Oceania.

It has an interactive map with markers for all the airports on which bets can be placed. This feature, said the operator, “makes it easier for people to search for the airport they are looking for without needing any in-depth geographical knowledge”.

After clicking on a marker, the player is offered one or more ‘over/under’ markets, with bets then settled on the temperature recorded at a specific time.

1xBet added:

“Our customers can do well here if they have some specific knowledge about meteorology, for example if they have an understanding of cloud formation and atmospheric pressure changes. Plenty of information relating to populated areas and their recent weather conditions is freely available online. However, forecasting the weather, and making successful bets on it, is a complex matter – even more so when it comes to longer-term bets. Therefore, if you are interested in this type of betting, you should look at it as a fun activity and only bet with small amounts.”


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