What are the Features of Live Casino Games?

Casinos are highly dependent on technology to offer clients the best services. Live casinos are part of the tech developments, connecting you to your favorite games through real dealers, mostly from major land-based casinos.

Unique online gambling attributes include special in-game features and additional tech to help players interact with these games. Here is a look at the features of live casino casino games.

You Play in Real Time with Live Dealers

Land-based casinos have the adrenaline rush for players, which you can now get through the inclusion of live dealers. Real dealer features let you follow up on how gambling works in an actual casino. Like traditional versions, you can quickly examine the dealer’s activities and follow the game.

There are no worries about scams as all the dealers are certified for the services. Furthermore, all dealers at renowned live casinos like Betway are fully-trained experts to offer necessary services fairly. You can try an online casino South Africa if you want a credible live casino platform and also get to interact with other multiple-playing selections.

Some of the games to enjoy with Betway and other live dealers include:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Texas Hold’em

One-on-One With Other Real Players

Things get interesting with the head-to-head feature enabling players to compete. Your opponent can easily be from another continent, considering the live casino’s global popularity and the number of players participating in a given period.

The live matchups can be a good way to surpass the ‘house edge,’ with the outcomes limited to 1 winner and 1 loser. You can warm up with various free online demos before facing your competitors.

Use of New Technology

Live casinos use cutting-edge tech in the platform’s dynamics and in-game features to offer the best service to clients. Live streaming is the main integration, helping the casino broadcast the game’s proceedings, especially seeing a dealer’s actions. Other major technology features include the following:

Live Chat Feature

You can freely communicate with the other participants and get to give instructions to the dealer or any important message they have to pass. The live chat feature allows you to form a more personal understanding while relishing your chosen game. Additionally, real-time casinos enable users to personalize a table and set its parameters.

Security Factors

Another important tech addition is the cyber protection features. Live casinos like Betway ensure that your data provided during registration is confidential.

This also applies when playing against other gamblers, where some platforms only use avatars as images and aliases for names.

Moreover, your finances are safe using multi-encryption technologies and firewalls. The aspect is also helping these live platforms work with crypto transactions.

Readily Available

Live casinos run 24/7 globally, allowing you to play your favorite games anytime. You can access the playing options with different dealers, thus, an easy switch from one game to the other.


Live casino games are similar to any online games, with the above features making them unique. You can access your favorite gameplays anytime, and you are assured of your data and finances’ safety.


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