What are the terms and conditions in an online casino?

It is really important to look at the terms and conditions of any online casino you are considering to gamble with as failure to have them in mind might lead you into many problems due to ignorance especially because there is involvement of real money.

The worst that could happen when you decide to not look at the terms and conditions of any online casino game is they could decide not to give you your winnings after breaking their rules. The good thing that this is avoidable. You need to read them no matter how long they could be before you put your valuable cash into it.

There is no product or online good or service that you would come across and it doesn’t have any term and condition and online casino is no different even though we are accustomed to ignore such terms and conditions, it is important to read them all. The reason as to why the online casino put them up is to show their prospective customers in detail on how the online casino game is operated and know the dos and don’ts. They are basically a contract between the online casino and the gambler. The contract usually offers protection to both the parties involved that is the player and the online casino game. It also ensures that each party has met its share of obligations. The rights of both the gambler and the online casino are guaranteed. One is usually advised to be careful with these terms and conditions as the end goal of an online casino to get profit.

Most online casinos situate their terms and conditions on a web page that is separate. Some however put them in the dashboard of the account of the player. The first common T&C is the Know Your Customer condition.

Know your customer

This is the first common and general term and condition in many online casinos. This regulation basically bids the online casino to do a verification of their players to ensure that they are who they say they are. The information about the contact and the information on his/her payment is also verified. This condition is so important so as to prevent any cases of gambling among the underage. The different casino has a minimum age that one can play most allowing only 18years and above. It is also important so as to provide a limitation to those players who are interested in having more than one account. This gives every player an equal chance to participate in such a casino. The documents should also help in certifications and allows the casino to deal with one player with one account at a time. This is because everyone should have only one player account. This regulation is usually put up to rule out any possibility of fraud in the casino. It also reduces the chances of organized crime and laundering of money.

Using only one account

As mentioned earlier one is only required to have only one account and the online casino will verify this by ensuring that the prospective player has listed all their personal details and when registering it states the prospective player has understood that if the online casino comes to find out that the details given to them is registered under another account then will be taken away from him or her.

Bonus terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are usually put up so as to ensure the player doesn’t abuse the bonuses. Among the bonus terms and conditions that you are likely to come across is that there are requirements of wagering which are usually met before one can withdraw their winnings. These wagering requirements are usually cleared by betting the sum of your bonus and deposit amounts. This process usually commences when the player decides to play with his or her bonus money and is completed in a given duration of time.

The bonus money usually has a restricted number of games which the player can use to bet on and the most common games are slots. The requirements of wagering are usually contributed by live dealer games and table games a percentage that is less than 10%. As mentioned earlier there are games which can’t be played using bonus money. There are usually time limits and the ones given for bonuses are usually a bit longer than ones given for free spins. The requirement to wager the free spins and loyalty gifts will take a short period of time of even 48 hours. When betting using your bonus the maximum which you are allowed to use is five euros in the most online casino. Failure to adhere to this condition will have not acquiring any of your winnings if you do happen to win using the bonus fund.

Banking terms and conditions

Terms and conditions regarding the methods to use when depositing and withdrawing differ from one online casino to another. However they are some which are generalized which include-:

Every payment method has minimum deposit and limits in which one can’t cross when withdrawing their winnings and it is important to note that they are different from one payment method. Before you think of making your first withdrawal, online casinos usually require the player wager all their deposits once. Most online casino games have limits of withdrawing your winnings on a monthly basis. Therefore, there is a great likelihood that if you happen to win a lot of money you wouldn’t be able to withdraw all of it.

Some banking payment methods usually charge directly to your account. There are also methods that only restrict you to only make a deposit which leaves you to find another method to withdraw your winnings.

Offer and promotion terms and conditions

What one needs to know is that in order to be given these offers or promotions presented by an online casino is that you need to deposit a given amount of cash within a given period of time so as to be part of the offer and promotion. This is to make sure that only promote players that are trusted and can play with real money. Another condition one needs to be informed is that there is a limit number of times in which one will be considered to be given the offers this is to ensure that every player is given an opportunity. The deposit bonuses, free spins, and cash prizes usually have wagering requirements. You also have to keep in mind that when you do win there is usually a given time period in which one can claim their prize. If you fail to claim the prize within a set period of time your winning will be forfeited.

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