What Distinguishes Velex Advisory West Africa from its Competitors?

The Africa gaming industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years which has attracted many international brands dominating the market. But still, many fail to reach the desired growth due to lack of strong local presence, lack of understanding of African market and strategic approach to succeed in the competitive industry.

Over the years, some of these brands have suspended their operations which can be attributed to non-compliance with regulations, operational issues, failure to keep up with the ever dynamic laws among other issues.

Velex advisory was borne out of the need to provide quality and effective services to assist international brands as well as local brands in growing the Company and attaining their set objectives. In actualization of this, Velex offers accelerator services for gaming companies in providing feasibility study, market survey, company incorporation, trademark registration, acquiring gaming license, bank account set up, payment integration, recruitment and office set up and a host of other related services.

The team of experts have vast knowledge in relevant industries, which have helped the firm provide top-notch services in compliance areas. Velex Advisory offers retainership services that includes license renewal, anti-money laundering, banking, contract drafting and vetting, dispute resolution, financial advisory in relation to tax plan and optimization, payment of dividend, royalty, technical partners’ settlement with other compliance.

The success of Velex is espoused by the company’s continued expansion across Africa with the West Africa branch having 15 notable brands in 7 countries. Velex West Africa has wide range of network and focuses on building relationships with all stakeholders involved in the gaming industry including Clients, Regulatory Authorities, Customers and general public.

Through their advisory approach, Velex advisory strongly encourages their clients to initiate campaign that promotes responsible gambling to curb addiction and prevent underage from betting, Anti Money Laundering Compliance and Data protection.

Velex West Africa also provides advice to regulatory bodies on introduction of policies, implications of regulation, and industry best practices. The portfolio range of Velex West Africa and unique approach in managing their brands has positioned Velex ahead of their competitors.

The vast reach, experience and zeal of Velex Advisory to ensure the reverberating success of each Client has placed the firm as the leading advisory gaming firm in Africa.

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