What is RTP in online slots?

RTP or ‘Return To Player’ is the percentage of all the money bet on a game that will be paid back to players over time. Most online slots games have their RTP somewhere on the game or in the rules of play.

Let’s say, for example, you are playing an online slots game with an RTP of 90%. If you R1 for 100 bets in a row, you could expect about R90 back in wins. Obviously, this is a mathematical calculation and does not factor in volatility or that most fickle of mistresses, Lady Luck.

RTP is calculated over the long-term, not per wager. You could win a jackpot, or you could walk away with nothing. That’s the thrill of gambling.

RTP is almost the mirror opposite of house advantage or edge. In the online slots community an RTP of 90% would be the equivalent of a house edge of 10% in table games.

Why is RTP important?

Return To Player gives online slots players an indication of how often, in theory, a specific slots game will pay out. It helps players work out how much they can expect to lose when playing a specific game and affects their bankroll calculations accordingly. When a player has a budget for playing a certain game for a certain time, it helps that they know they have a good chance of not blowing the entire budget too quickly on a low RTP game.

What is a ‘good’ RTP?

As with anything to do with gambling, RTP is just an indication of the probability of getting wins. Luck is the only constant in a casino. But knowing that you will get a lot of little wins to keep enjoying the slots game is why we play, and the higher the RTP the higher your chances of getting the hits.
High RTPs are anything at or above 98%. Mid=range RTPs are anything between 95% and 97.99%. Low RTPs are any games with values lower than 94.99%.

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