What is the future of security for online gambling

Although the big question is the future of security for online gaming platforms or how are operators prepared for life beyond the password, what are they doing towards biometric, and fingerprint security and, how they are protecting player’s information from being compromise.

Over, 19 billion records containing identity data and passwords have been compromised in the last seven years, leaking the information online; we should just start from the premise that everyone’s identity data and sensitive information has been breached according to the biometric research group.

Beyond password:

Users have displayed some poor cyber hygiene along the years, which has encouraged the security industry to look into different methodologies and advanced authentication techniques for a passwordless future. Although some of the industries today are moving towards life beyond the password identification, in which there are now embracing biometric and fingerprint identification for customers. In these regards, some of the banking sectors are using the biometric approach for customers before rectifying any transaction; in this regards, customer’s information data are unlikely to be compromised.

The mobile phone industry is another sector which has advanced the security features on smartphones with is in-built fingerprint verification enable on smartphones devices for customers, and one of the reason in these regards is because manufacturers understand that mobile phones are were some individuals store vital information’s, should in case it got into the wrong hands.

Operators should prepare for it:

The growing online gambling hasn’t reached its full potentials across the globe, and Africa is still an emerging online gambling market, however, the Africa gaming ecosystem, is moving towards, into the transition of the Igaming market. A host of operators now offering online gaming platforms in the region as an attitude in player’s behaviour towards the aspect of staking bets is changing in recent time particularly majority now prefer placing bets from the comfort of there homes via mobile phones, and tablets unlike the conventional ways of gambling in which there converge one place. i.e. shops, kiosk and brick-mortar before there could bets.

The security of this platform is one of the fundamentals that will see the growth of online gambling reach the desired growth that it deserved. Providing a safe and secure gaming environment to players is vital to the continuous growing online gambling industry. With vast numbers of players using electronic channels, i.e. players store finance and process transactions through bookmaker’s platforms. Operators should expect an evolution in the use of passwords over time in accessing their platforms to a sophisticated security approach. But “its’ not going to be a big ban approach.” Password will at some point clear the way for better strategies, but it will take a while as many industries are still “entrenched with them.

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