What is the Largest Casino in South Africa?

The African continent has an attractive combined market of one billion people. It is an increasingly educated population with growing access to the Internet and mobile devices.

This has allowed Africans to expand their expectations as players, beyond traditional local gaming. Currently, they show a great interest in mobile casinos, lottery-based games, and sports betting, understanding that sport has always been a passion for Africans. Thus, in addition to local operators, strong online gaming companies, such as Bet 365, Mybet and Mr. Green, are thriving in their business in this region.

Added to that is the increase in investment in these lands. According to a study by FDI Intelligence, the rate of return on foreign investment in Africa is higher than in any other developing region. In 2014, Africa was even the world’s fastest-growing destination for foreign investment, a clear indicator of confidence.

Challenges lie in solving regulatory issues and controlling illegality, as well as modernizing certain structures for the advancement of gambling and overcoming cultural difficulties in religion-driven markets, where gaming is frowned upon.

The Rio Casino Resort

The African continent and in fact, the entire southern hemisphere, has a clear winner when it comes to the title of the largest casino: it is the Rio Casino Resort located in the city of Klerksdorp in South Africa. Little by little, we are finding out which are the great temples of gambling throughout the world and this time we will travel south to find it.

It occupies an area of almost 25,000 square meters and has been open since 2002. The present owners of the establishment bet on giving more importance to the casino and its games in 2006, when it changed hands.

Today, as a result of the acquisition of the hotel group to which the casino belonged, it is one of the great assets of Peermont Global. It is therefore a resort that includes multiple leisure and entertainment offers to its clients, and among them is a large casino with a good gaming offer.

With an aesthetic set in the carnival of Rio de Janeiro, it has a total of 70 rooms and suites. There are also 5 rooms dedicated to events and conferences, which gives us an idea of the magnitude of the place.

Among the leisure offer we highlight the kart routes around the place, which are organized for any type of driver and allows you to enjoy the landscape of the old mining town of Klerksdorp.

Catering has not been neglected either in this casino resort and it has three restaurants, the Karamba Grillhouse, for lovers of good meat, the F.L.A.G. Café where you can enjoy a great breakfast buffet, and the Moo Bar, where you can also enjoy some good cocktails. To finish the day they have the Rio Privé Lounge wherein a reserved way and with VIP treatment you will be able to sit down and play with their slots or traditional casino games. It has a blackjack table, a roulette table, and 46 different slots.

As for its casino, there are 11 tables and 274 gambling machines to choose from. Of them, 2 are poker tables and among the rest, you can choose between blackjack and “progressive black”.

In short, this is one of those creations by and for leisure that encourage tourism in the place where they are located, offering a complete package of experiences (and we must add the live performances and concerts to the list).

Source: africanexponent.com

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