What is virtual sports betting?

Virtual betting is a new service launched by some bookmakers in which you bet on a simulated sporting event, be it virtual football matches, horse races, greyhounds, motorcycles, or in a velodrome.

The user can view the event from beginning to end just as if it were a real sports broadcast, only instead they are watching something similar to a video game. Virtual sports betting is an alternative to traditional sports betting, especially when there are no real sporting events that interest us. In no case do they replace traditional sports betting, but rather serve as another compliment to bookmakers’ offer.

Each virtual sports event has its quotas and markets as if it were a real event, but you may wonder. Is it reliable? Is it not a scam? We answer you.

Virtual Soccer Betting

As with other online gaming products, virtual sports are subject to the control and regulation of a state entity, in this case, the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling. This ensures the reliability and safety of all the games offered in Nigeria. In this case, the operation of virtual sports betting is similar to that of slots. The outcome of the events is decided at random, thanks to a system of random numbers.

This means that the user’s bet does not condition the results. The system that decides which team or participant wins and which loses without taking into account the bet made this a method with the approval of Nigerian regulations. In principle, there is no need to fear being scammed. Of course, remember that you are not facing a real match and that although the teams respond to the quotas assigned to them before the match, there is always room for surprises as it happens in real life.

Here the odds are usually tighter so that the outcome is more uncertain than it would be in real life; therefore, it is best to place small bets to minimize risk.

How To Play In Virtual Sports Betting

Some bookmakers allow you to try virtual games without registering, such as the case with Nigerian bookmakers. If you enter its virtual sports section, you will see that you can bet on various disciplines’ virtual soccer games and races.


In soccer, we are presented with two teams, each with its odds for the 1X2 markets and the total number of goals. You can also see the results of the last six games to see the trajectory of both teams. Once the game starts, we can skipping it and going directly to the simulated result or seeing it in full. The games do not last 90 minutes or much less. We are presented with a selection of the best plays and goals. Their duration is little more than a minute.

Motorcycle Racing

With the rest of the events, the situation is similar. Motorcycle racing allows us to bet on the winner of the test or make a combine. They are motorcycle races on a speedway-type circuit where you only turn to the left side. Each participant has their quotas, and the race lasts only 1 minute.

Virtual Motorcycle Racing

In these speed cycling races, you can bet on the winner from a group of 8 runners or make a combine. As in other virtual sports, the race is short but exciting.

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is practically identical to motorcycle racing. In them, the virtual dogs must go around a circular circuit, and before it, we can bet on the winner or make a combined. The dog with the lowest odds does not have to win here, as it does in real life.

Horse and Trotter Racing

You can also bet on horse races. As with the other specialties, you bet only on the winner or in combinations. You will see a race in a virtual racetrack with a quite successful setting. Trotting competitions are a bit slower and maybe a bit more boring.

Are Virtual Sports Worth It?

Virtual sports bets fill in the gap left by elite sport when they cannot be played. It may be a passing entertainment, but it does not replace the excitement of the real sport.

Advantages of virtual bets

Despite everything, virtual sports have certain advantages, such as that you do not have to wait for the date of a match to bet (you can do it 24 × 7) and that the events last very little. Another advantage is that the odds are quite high even in football, and betting small amounts can make a lot of profit, although, of course, with significant risk. It is preferable to gamble responsibly and in small amounts. Another exciting element of virtual sports is that they are well recreated and simulate well what a live sports broadcast would be, with sports commentators included.

What Bookmakers Offer Virtual Sports?

Currently, many Nigerian bookmakers, offer virtual sports bets. A significant advantage of some Nigerian bookmakers is that it allows you to try the games even without being registered on the web. This is an essential factor for anyone undecided about whether to try this betting system in virtual sports events.

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