What Makes Gambling in Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa Stand Out

Even with the late arrival of sports betting in Africa, the continent continues to make up for the short gambling history by registering speedy and massive growth. Today Africa’s gambling market has become one of the most attractive to casino operators both local and foreign.

This article looks at three countries which have rapidly risen to become hearty havens for punters in Africa: South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana.


Is it legal to gamble online in Ghana?

Gambling laws in Ghana are extremely accommodating. Anyone aged 18 and above is allowed to place bets on sports, whether online or offline.The 2006 Gaming Act regulates Ghana’s gambling industry. Operators in Ghana obtain their licenses from the Ghana Gaming Commission. Ghana’s online betting, however, isn’t well covered even with the enactment of the sports betting legislation in 2006. While licensed operators in the country can now offer online sports betting along with their brick and mortar gambling houses, other offshore sportsbooks continue to offer wild gambling services to bettors in Ghana outside the legal framework of registration and tax obligations.

Banking methods at online casinos in Ghana

MasterCard and visa are the major credit cards widely accepted for deposits and withdrawals at online sportsbooks in Ghana. E-wallet options such as Skrill and Neteller are provided as well. MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money are other common options. Ghanaians can also choose bank/wire transfers at mostly locally run sportsbooks which are linked to Ghanaian banks.

Mobile betting in Ghana

Just like other Africa countries mentioned here, Ghana puts a significant focus on mobile betting thanks to the internet-accessible mobile devices available today.

The most popular sports to wager on in Ghana

Bettors in Ghana pay special attention to soccer, especially the English Premier League. Although Ghana’s interest in local soccer leagues has recently declined, some sportsbook in the country still offers bets on local soccer leagues, pushing for their popularity. Other sports markets in Ghana include boxing, basketball, tennis and rugby.


Is it legal it gamble online in Kenya

Yes. Kenya’s betting Lotteries and Gaming Act (1966) shaped the country’s gambling industry through the Betting Control and Licensing Board. Any license sportsbook, whether online or brick and mortar, may legally operate in the country. Any unlicensed gambling activities are considered illegal. However, the government hasn’t undertaken any crackdown of unlicensed operations by any means.

Banking methods at online casinos in Kenya

Kenyans rely on various methods to deposit and withdraw at online betting sites. Most favored method among Kenyan-run sites is a mobile-based money transfer service known as M-Pesa. All one needs is an M-Pesa account to which they deposit money and transfer it to the sportsbook. Withdrawals are similarly simple. One requests a withdrawal to the same M-Pesa account, hold the balance in the account or transfer it elsewhere fitting. For sportsbooks that are not based in Kenya, more globally accepted payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller are widely used. For large sums deposits, bank transfers will serve the purpose while low budget payments are catered for by prepaid debit and debit cards.

Mobile betting in Kenya

Today both offshore and Kenyan-run betting sites offer mobile wagers on a wide range of mobile platforms. Actually, Kenya’s mobile platform accounts for the massive expansion the country has witnessed in recent times.

Most popular sports to wager on in Kenya

European soccer is the chief source of Kenya’s income in betting revenues. The English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, and Spain’s La liga are the most explored betting markets. Other sports include rugby, boxing and cricket. E-sports betting also continues to proliferate among other betting markets.

South Africa

Is it legal to gamble online in South Africa?

In terms of regulation, South Africa’s online gambling framework is by far the most robust. Like many other nations, this African country takes a legal but heavily checked approach to online sports betting. This has given players in South Africa numerous options to fulfil their online fantasies. But there is still a host of illegal gambling activities even with huge penalties glaring. Sportsbooks looking to operate in South Africa are subjected to rigorous licensing process with a more hands-on form of enforcement including jail times, fines and confiscation of funds for sportsbooks and players engaging in unlicensed gambling activities.

Banking Methods at online casinos in South Africa

Visa and MasterCard remain the most used payment options at licensed sportsbooks in South Africa. Direct deposits can also be made to and from major banks in South Africa, including First National Bank and Standard Bank. Players can also use e-wallets banking options such as Skrill and Neteller. Some online sites also accept Paysafecard, Entropay, and ApplePay/iPay.

Mobile betting in South Africa

Bettors in South Africa can also access an extensive range of online services by major sportsbooks in the country on their smartphones and tablets.

Most popular sports to wager on in South Africa

The popularity of soccer in South Africa remains high but doesn’t entirely the massively popular cricket and rugby. Golf is also becoming South Africa’s best sport following the success of its own Ernie Els among other great native golfers on the world stage.


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