What UAE’s First Casino Will Mean For The Region

Dubai’s best escape from the city is the fourth largest emirate itself, the opulent Ras Al-Khaimah. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy and experience, from premium wellness centers and adrenaline sports facilities to the national museum that preserves the country’s 7000-year-long rich history.

Notwithstanding being a delightful home with many superb activities, the anticipation among locals and tourists is expected to grow much more as the prestigious Wynn Resort proudly released a statement last year regarding a multi-billion dollar project on Al Marjan’s island. Wynn CEO Craig Scott Billings revealed the plan of a hospitality and casino gaming resort, making it the Gulf Arab region’s first casino in the region.

The Wynn Marjan Vision

The Wynn Resort was slated to be the world’s second-largest gaming corporation in 2021, trailing only Bet365. And now, the Wynn Resort is officially lining up to throw the dice in the regal Ras Al Khaimah.

This complex, which is scheduled to open in 2026 on the hazy Dream Island, will have an 18.500 square meter casino game area. The complex will have 1,000 magnificent rooms and a first-class view of the sandy beach.

It will encircle an area of about 250.000 square meters, making Wynn Marjan one of the ten largest complexes in the world and doubling the size of its Las Vegas estate.

“The casino component, where at least for some period of time we will be operating on our own, which makes it quite exciting, is shaping up to be somewhat larger than Wynn Las Vegas, but with numerous pockets of energy and compression,”

– says Craig Billings noting that the property will be a five-star guaranteed experience and an action-packed stunner.

What Will the Resort Include?

Ras Al Khaimah Wynn Resort will have a taste of the familiar Las Vegas spirit. It is planned to have restaurants, spacious shopping malls, meeting lounges, conference spaces, fancy spa centers, boutique shops, gaming areas, etc.

The resort is expected to offer additional entertainment, including live performances, world-famous musicians, concerts, theater shows, and nightclub events. Billings stated during his latest conference call.

“We are advancing quickly on our planning for Al Marjan Island integrated resort in the UAE. We are in the late stages of programming for the resort. Given the pristine beach settings in the somewhat malleable nature of the man-made island, we have an incredible canvas with which to work and design something truly unique”.

Embracing the World of Gaming

With the launch of the Ras Al Khaimah Wynn Resort, the Gulf Arab countries’ long-standing ban on gambling will be lifted. In fact, reaching such a milestone would be a watershed moment in the UAE (UAE). Until now, inhabitants of this region could only play casino games on online sites like arabwinners.com. Naturally touching on a delicate matter, the local authorities are still carefully re-writing the region’s gambling legislation, attempting to further honor and regard the Emirates’ heritage, traditions, and culture.

Two new organizations have been established with this in mind: the Department of Entertainment and the Gaming Regulation. These bodies will be in charge of ensuring that the legislation is implemented thoroughly and smoothly.

What Will This Mean for the Region?

This massive project will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the Emirate’s hospitality sector and economic growth. It’s a game-changing deal for boosting tourism, encouraging investors for future initiatives, and pushing other resorts to modernize and provide a safe gaming environment. Furthermore, this might be a watershed moment for the UAE, as it has the potential to create 4,000 new job opportunities for locals.

Source: businesspost.ng

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