What Will Be The Future of Sports Betting Around The World?

Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of betting, with some of the liveliest fans around the world. With the rise of prolific international betting sites, more and more bettors are gaining unrivalled access to their favourite teams and leagues. Not to mention, gambling for money is easier, faster, and better than ever before.

But is there a future for this massive industry? Technology is a big drive in this industry. And judging from the sophisticated advancement in the tech world, the sports betting industry can brag of a promising future. As we dive further into this review, let’s discuss what the future holds for this industry and its promising lucrative opportunity for bettors.

The Future: Trends and Expected Trends In The Sports Betting Industry Worldwide

No doubt, the sports industry has a promising future. Some decades ago, sports betting was only limited to physical meetings, where only the rich gathered to stake on their favourite horses. Fast forward to the present moment, we now have unprecedented access to different sports and a huge market right from our mobile devices.

Talking about the future of this industry is a relevant topic that should be addressed. Some of the most-seasoned bookmakers have gone aboard to feature classic trends, from accessible mobile betting to live gaming. Seeing how these operators are using the latest technology to their advantage, it is certain that the industry is making its way to a larger mainstream.

Here are some of the trends that ensure that sports betting holds a big future;

  • Micro betting
  • Virtual reality and Augmented reality
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Live streaming
  • Free-to-play games
  • In-play Gambling
  • Mobile gambling

Micro Betting

Bettors should be familiar with the latest invention of microbetting. It allows bettors to wager on short durations during a sporting event. As a classic football match is ongoing, experienced bettors and beginners can jump on during the game to predict and wager on a team scoring or making the next corner kick. That is the work of microbetting.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

More sophisticated technology has made its way into sports betting. As a result, we are starting to see more advanced trends, like Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR), in sync with sports betting. Live sporting events in physical venues are usually available for only a few people, making the event physically inaccessible to many others.

Seeing how virtual reality works, by fully incorporating it into these live events, players will be able to get a near-physical experience of the event. With sports gambling on the rise, too, it is only a matter of time before streaming and staking with VR will become a usual thing.

Live Streaming

If you are a sports fan, you should know there is no enjoyable gaming and betting like that of live streaming. In line with in-play gaming, live streaming allows you to follow your favourite teams and leagues to place live bets during the match. Like microbetting, this is one of the growing trends that prove that the gambling industry has a bright future.

Final Thought

For an industry to hit a value of around $218.5 billion in 2019, such an industry certainly has a promising future. Sports betting has evolved into one of the simplest forms of gambling for real money. All thanks to the great innovations inspired by technology, sports betting is anticipated to attain greater heights in the nearest future.

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