What you need to know about gambling and betting in Namibia

Namibia is a country found on the south-western coast of Africa. Namibia is a country with ancient history, a cheetah population, deserted old towns, salt pans, and the world’s famous sand dunes. Gambling is legal in Namibia.

There are different forms of gambling available such as lottery, casino, sports betting, and online casinos. Although there are other options for gambling, Namibians mostly indulge in playing the lottery that is run by the government. Casino Gambling is also popular among punters of Namibian due to the presence of hundreds of gambling houses across the current. The first Act of gambling was enacted in 1994 to regulate and oversee the operations of casinos and gambling houses.

There are many gambling options that Namibian punters can play as listed below.

Did you know the lottery is run by the government of Namibia? Playing the national lottery is popular than other gambling choices known to Namibians. It is owned by the government. The government of Namibia uses the proceeds to facilitate the country’s sports, cultural, and social welfare initiatives. The National Lottery is regulated by the Lotteries Board of Namibia. Namibia does not have any privately run lotteries.

Land-based casino
Currently, there are three land-based casinos in Namibia. The casinos offer a high-end casino resort experience with exciting entertainment, fine dining, and quality gambling and gaming experience. Two are found in Windhoek the capital city of Namibia, Kalahari Sands Casino, and Desert Jewel Casino. The third one is in Swakopmund and is known as Mermaid Casino.

Kalahari Sands Casino is a popular spot in Windhoek for Namibian punters and is run by Star International Group. The Desert Jewel Casino is inside the Windhoek Country Club resort that is managed by Legacy Hotels and Resorts. Mermaid casino is the largest Casino in Namibia and is hosted by Swakopmund Hotel. The land-based casinos offer a huge selection of video games, table games, poker games, and slot machines.

Sports betting
Namibians are less interested in sports betting and much interested in lotteries and casino gambling. Even with the presence of several bookmakers in Namibia, sports betting is not popular. There are no regulations regarding Namibian sports betting sites. Wagers in Namibia rely on offshore online bookies. Punters have a chance to place a wager on popular sports such as football, golf, basketball, rugby, and horse racing. There are three types of sportsbooks available in Namibia: local, regional, and international sportsbooks with a limited choice of betting sites such as 1XBET, Betway,bet365, Reloadbet, and Intertops.

Gambling houses
There are many gambling houses across Namibia. The gambling houses have liquor retailers, bookmakers’ shops, hotels, and restaurants. You have to have a gamble business permit to run a gambling house. Currently, Namibia has approximately 260 gambling houses that are licensed.

Online Gambling
The growth of land-based casino has stagnated for a long time. Many Namibian punters have adopted online casinos for two reasons. One, online casinos have a wide range of casino games, and two, it is easily available at their preference.

You will not find any Namibian online casino but offshore online casino operators. Online gambling is not regulated in Namibia but there are several online casinos, betting sites, online poker, and bingo sites operated by offshore operators. These sites accept punters from Namibia and betting is done in Namibian Dollars.

Gambling and Law in Namibia
Gambling in Namibia is legal and is regulated by the Casino and Gambling House Act of Namibia. The Act is overseen by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The Act provides licenses, supervises the establishment, and regulates every form of gambling from gambling houses and casinos to sports betting. It also legalizes the activities on table games and slot machines. However, there are a few concerns about why securing a gambling license is slow and cumbersome.

The Act does not give any laws on online casinos or online betting in Namibia. Moreover, it does not limit offshore casino operators from offering online casinos or online betting to Namibians.

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