What you Should Know about the Moroccan Land-Based Gambling Industry

Morocco is one of the countries in Africa with an old gambling and gaming industry. This country is located in the Northern part of Africa and is distinguished by its rich mixture of cultural influences; European Berber and Arabian cultural influences that make the country to be a Muslim dominated nation. Even so, gambling is legal in Morocco with 7 legal gambling casinos spread within the 4 Moroccan cities.

Land-based casinos are distributed across the following cities: Agadir, Tangier , Marrakech ,El Jadida.

Agadir city leads as the largest gambling city with a total of 3 gambling casinos, although, El Jadida features the largest gambling facility which is the Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort. Like any other African country, Morocco has experienced an increase in gambling activities both online and in land-based casinos.This is due to increased accessibility to mobile phones and fast internet connections at very cheap prices. Gambling is not new to Morocco although due to the increasingly high rates of unemployment, many youths have turned to gambling as not just a form of entertainment but a source of employment as well.

Land-Based Casinos

Mazagan Casino

Located in El Jadida near Casablanca, is the largest Moroccan casino with state of the art facilities for gaming and entertainment. the hotel complex is open daily 9am to 8am; salon VIP salon is open daily from 6pm to 9am; table games are available mon-Thurs 4pm to 6am, Friday4pm to 8am, Saturday 2pm to 8 am and Sunday 2pm to 6am. The complementary facilities are one of a kind and available seven days a week. For instance, there is an on-site exchange site for gamers to exchange their currencies since Payments are acceptable in all currencies that are exchangeable.

There is a bar, a refreshment parlor and a restaurant to offer your favorite delicacies during the stay. The Casino offers a variety of games ranging from live gaming, slot machines to even horse race betting. There are over 60 table games for blackjack, Punto, Banco, Roulette, Baccarat and stud poker tournaments. Slot machines are available for video poker, Electronic Roulette amongst other games. This hotel has been rated as the most beautiful Casino and restaurant in North America. It features the largestcard room for card poker players and not to mention, a space for the disabled.

Marrakech Casino: Le Casino de Marrakech And Hotel Es Saadi

This casino is located in Marrakech Morocco. The facility is open daily; Monday –Thursday 2pm to 4am and weekends Fri-Sun 2 pm to 5 am. All table games are available from 8am and this includes both table games and slot machines. Games available for gambling include American Roulette, Video poker, Blackjack, Alfastreet Touchbet and cardroom poker. the restaurant keeps you refreshed and entertained. Even better both local and foreign currencies are accepted.

Le Grand Casino La Mamounia

This casino is located in Marrakech morocco, with Menara International Airport as its nearest airport. This targets foreign guests as well as domestic guests. Everyone needs assurance of swift transport and this airport does it all! The games available for gambling in this casino include table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Stud poker and card poker. There are also slot machines for the lover of games like Video poker, video Roulette which are for your information jackpot slots with progressive jackpots. There is an extensive area for card room poker for upto 60 plyers at a time and a restaurant to offer you refreshments to keep you entertained as you win.

Movenpick Hotel & Casino Malabata

Located in Tangier, this casino is open 24 hours daily and all games are available to all gamers, residents or non-residents. The casino offers table games and slot machines with all payments made in the Moroccan currency. There are 30 tables available for table games such as Roulette and Blackjack and over 200 jackpot slot machines for games such as video poker. This hotel offers incredible international cuisine for its guests to ensure you stay refreshed throughout your stay.

Casino Agadir Atlantic Palace

This casino is famous for opening the first and only Bingo hall in the Moroccan republic. The casino is located in Agadir Morocco as the name suggests. This casino offers you a variety of games to choose from, your favorite game and that exotic game you always wanted to try. Both local and foreign currencies are acceptable while making deposits for betting. The games available include the Blackjack, American Roulette, video poker and Bingo. The facility also has a space for cardroom poker, Texas Hold’em Poker to be particular.

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