WhatsApp launches emoji reactions feature to clean up chats

The reason for a WhatsApp emoji reaction feature is to provide users with an avenue to share their opinions directly to an intended message without flooding the chats.

WhatsApp, the messaging platform with 3500+ emojis, has launched another exclusive emoji ‘quick’ feature. This upgrade is available for all users and allows them react to single messages with these new emojis. The Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, made this announcement in a Facebook post, saying, “Reactions on WhatsApp start today 👍❤️😂😮😢🙏.”

He also commented under the same post about the possibilities of other new reactions coming in. Before now, users have had to type with an emoji to react to a message, but with this emoji finetune, users can instantly react by just tapping on the single message they wish to react to. It is similar to other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

The Meta company explained that the reason for an emoji reaction feature is to provide users an avenue to share their opinions directly to an intended message without flooding the chats.

Last month, WhatsApp announced that they are working on major upgrades, including the emoji reaction features. Other in-app features include:

Voice calling: WhatsApp has always had the voice call feature of eight participants and has now upgraded with an audio waveform. The new feature will include more participants, up to 32 people, in a single call. The icons of each participant are shrunk, so they still fit in the audio waveforms.

Communities: This feature is a combination of group chats. With this feature, people can communicate together in separate groups under one umbrella with a workable structure. It is like discussion groups under a bigger group. Similar to the traditional group chat, admins can remove and add members. However, there are new tools including announcement messages, sharing files up to 2 gigabytes and larger voice calls.

Group polls: Like any other poll, WhatsApp is currently working on a group poll option. Twitter and LinkedIn are some social media platforms that have incorporated this feature. With this feature on WhatsApp, users can get people’s opinions regarding an issue, especially on a group chat. The questions and answers also are encrypted, and WhatsApp hopes this will help users understand group participants understand each other.

Status update: Just like Instagram, WhatsApp is testing a new feature, Status update. This allows status to appear in many places like the main list and search result list. For instance, when a user’s name is searched whether on the main or search result list, their profile picture displays their status when clicked on.

These in-app features are still under development by WhatsApp Beta Testing and the messaging platform hopes to roll them in as soon as possible

Source: technext.ng

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