Wheel of Fortune: The origin

This entertainment does not have any specific author, and it is not known where it was invented. Its creation dates back to ancient times, and there are only some versions of its origin. According to the most famous, it all started with the need to divide the trophies between the winners after the victory honestly.

The nature and value of individual items gave rise to constant disputes. Sometimes it even led to bloodshed. Thus, a fair division of what was obtained in battles was a difficult and important task. And for this purpose, someone came up with the idea to use a wheel of an inverted cart (according to another version, it was a round shield)

Strokes with the initials of those between whom the division was to be made were drawn on the wheel along the circumference. And next to it, opposite the wheel, a spear or any stick was stuck vertically into the ground so that it pointed to the sector. Then, a prize was put on the line, and the participants turned the wheel themselves one by one.

Finally, the trophy went to the one whose mark was closer to the spear after the wheel stopped. Thus, no one could accuse others of an unfair division, and the process itself was quite fun and strengthened the team spirit of the army. Over time, such entertainment migrated to a peaceful life, becoming a frequent game at various festive events and fairs.

Today there are many different variants of this game. There are especially many of them in Asian countries. A lot of TV shows based on the idea of ​​the Wheel of Fortune exist today. And TVBET has gone further and adapted TV versions of Wheel of Fortune to that world of online betting. Try your luck in our WheelBet!

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