When Will 5G Be Fully Available In Nigeria?

Technology is a major part of everyone’s life and this is certainly true in Nigeria. This powerhouse African nation is one of the tech hotspots in all of Africa and makes great use of digital resources to thrive. One technological breakthrough that many in Nigeria are eagerly awaiting is the rollout of 5G.

But what is 5G? In simple terms, it is the next generation of mobile broadband technology. A real step up from current 4G networks, it promises to be of great benefit to personal and business activities. Of course, many Nigerians are well aware of this and are keen to know when the network may be fully available.

What is the latest on 5G rollout in Nigeria?

It is fair to say that people around the country have been anxiously awaiting this rollout for some time. While 2019 saw 5G testing in some areas for a three-month period, this was merely to research how it might work and what challenges it could bring.

As such, no official rollout has yet been sanctioned. The latest 5G news from the Nigerian Communications Commission in November 2020 was that a draft report regarding its deployment has been produced. It seems that this draft report will now undergo a period of official consultation before any decision is taken. It is not yet known how long this will take or when 5G may be destined for rollout in Nigeria.

This consultation period will also allow the Nigerian authorities to look at international standards around 5G before rolling it out in the country. The report itself can be found on the NCC website and sets out the strategy for 5G deployment in Nigeria and what benefits it might bring.

Better mobile betting and casino play

A major benefit that 5G will bring affects how Nigerians like to spend their spare time. Sectors that should get a boost are mobile betting and casino play – both are very popular in Nigeria and many people around the country regularly play games or place bets via their mobile devices.

The online casino industry in the country is one of the biggest in Africa and 2019 saw online casinos in Nigeria generate a gross gambling yield of over £50 million. The 5G networks being rolled out across the country should offer faster and more reliable connections for people to use when connecting to Nigerian mobile casinos. This will not only give gamblers a better experience but help the industry become an even more positive force in Nigeria’s economy.(…)

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