Which lotteries have the best odds?

There are dozens of countries that have big lotto competitions. Unfortunately, like most gambling games, there’s no way to guarantee a better return. When it comes to betting on the lotto, you simply have to hope that your numbers come out; no strategy will help you and there are no shortcuts that you can take to increase your chances of winning.

Once you have taken this fact on board, the lotteries with the best odds are those with the fewest numbers that must be matched and the lowest overall different numbers to choose from. For example, the odds might seem the same if two different lotto games each have a range of six numbers. However, if one competition only has numbers 1 to 30 and the other has 1 to 60, your chances in the first competition are better.

Granted, they will still both be astronomical odds, which are in their millions to one, but mathematically, you would have the best chance of winning the first option.

European lottos

There are a few varieties across European countries. Still, the most typical lotto method is usually a combination of five or six numbers from one to 50, and with one or two bonus balls. When explicitly discussing European lotteries, we are referring to individual countries and not the EuroMillions – but this does follow a similar five-ball and two bonus ball format.

France lotto hot numbers are one of the best lotto chances, mathematically speaking. There are five main balls and only one bonus ball, so you have a much better statistical chance than you do if you bet on the EuroMillions. However, the stakes are higher with the EuroMillions, and the main prize is one of the most significant in any lotto you can find anywhere on the planet.

Last year, the largest ever EuroMillions prize was awarded in the United Kingdom and netted somewhere in the region of £195 million. Unfortunately, the EuroMillions often roll over for weeks at a time, given that there are seven numbers you need to hit, which makes the odds of winning the main prize astronomical.

As we have already stated with the France lotto hot numbers, the fewer numbers that require the winner, the better the chance you have of landing the main prize. This might sound like a relatively basic point, but this is the general idea of how it works. The Irish lotto is another popular game where you can land the main prize by hitting the same amount of balls as the France lotto hot numbers.

The top three lotteries with the best odds

We must advise you that these aren’t the best odds to win the main prize – this is simply a list of odds to win any prize. For instance, many lotto games will involve a small cash prize if you land two or three numbers, and if you land all but one number in the EuroMillions, you will likely be in line for a six-figure payout.

Lotto competitions have benefitted immensely from the improved technology, smartphone accessibility and internet connectivity. However, it isn’t just e-commerce industries that benefit from this – the gambling sector is enjoying increased profits due to it, too.

Not too bad, all things considered, although the difference between £250,000 and £185,000,000 would be a bitter pill to swallow. Statistically, the top three lottos with the best chance of payout are:

  • French Lotto – a one-in-six chance.
  • UK Lotto – a one in 9.3 chance.
  • Spanish lotto is slightly higher, with a one in 10 probability.

For clarity, this doesn’t mean that you will make a profit once every six times you bet on the French lotto. You could put a handful of bets on and only win £2 and still be down. As long as you don’t view the lotto as a money-making exercise, or spend money you can’t afford to lose, you can enjoy it as initially intended – as a fun activity.


It can be challenging to decide which lotto has the best odds. The odds can widen or shorten with many moving variables and new lotto-based games being released. In addition, some established lottos may add or subtract a few balls to spice up their competition.

Keeping an eye on any changes is beneficial and will allow you to opt for the lotto that best suits your gambling needs. Some of the lotto prizes we have discussed today are only available for residents of the country in question. Ensure you check you are eligible to bet before you stake your hard-earned money.

Another way people look to make the most of their lotto gaming is by joining a syndicate, chipping in a small amount of money per month and then sharing any prizes with friends or colleagues. This can help manage risk and ensure you aren’t spending too much money betting on the lotto.

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