Which one is better for crypto gambling: Ethereum or Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade and the main protagonist of this innovative movement is the first-ever cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was created in the later 2008 and launched a year later. In the beginning, nobody took this virtual currency seriously.

People were spending thousands for miser items and the transactions were mainly made between a very small community of enthusiasts on online forums. As time progressed and people realized all the benefits that BTC brings to the table, its price slowly but surely started to grow. It was a long haul until the end of 2017 when Bitcoin clocked at a price tag of almost $20,000. After that, the whole world turned its attention towards the concept of cryptocurrencies, and another powerhouse of the industry, which was Ethereum, started to rapidly move towards similar success. Although fairly similar, there is still some difference between BTC and ETH and it can be noticed in the industry of crypto gambling, where these two take the absolute center stage.

The similarities of Ethereum Casino and Bitcoin Gambling

Since both of them are cryptocurrencies that are based on blockchain technology, it’s obvious that both entries enjoy the privileges of the open-source, decentralized network. BTC and ETH are lightning-fast when it comes to all financial transactions within the casino. Both deposits and withdrawals happen in a matter of minutes and seconds and both are independent of the classic third-party involvements, like banks for example. Another aspect in which both excel in the provision of total security. These currencies are almost impossible to hack due to their technological design, which is directly linked to the decentralized network of blockchain technology. Last but not least is the amazing possibility to stay completely anonymous when dealing with both BTC and ETH. Currency transfers are absolutely hidden to any unwanted attention and no bank, financial or governmental organization will ever be able to track your transactions, which is a massive benefit.

Slight differences between ETH and BTC in Gambling

Since we established what these 2 are capable of in the gambling industry, let’s look at their slight differences. While Ether is objectively a better solution for gambling overall, Bitcoin is still a major and highly popular entity when it comes to the world outside of gambling. BTC will surely be rising in value through the next decade at least until it reaches its maximum quantity of 21 million units.

Ether is however an overall better option if we eliminate the outside factors and focus on only Crypto Gambling. There are 2 things in which ETH is superior and the first is the speed. While BTC takes up to 10 minutes to process a transaction, Ether uses literal seconds. This is due to the second advantage, which is the smart contract technology that was created together with Ethereum. Smart contracts allow players to deal directly with the casino, providing even a higher capability of security because there simply can’t be any third-party that can temper with the transaction. Aside from these 2 differences, BTC and ETH are almost identical in their benefits.


It’s simple to make a conclusion and choose which one to play with. If you want to secure your funds for the near future and gamble with the currency that accumulates in worth, turn to Bitcoin Gambling. If you’re all about the pleasure of the game and heart-pumping speed and accessibility then Ethereum Gambling is the route to take. All in all, both are amazing solutions and completely overshadow anything a classic FIAT casino can ever offer to the players.

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