Which Teams Could Win the AFCON 2024?

Discover the potential AFCON favourites for the upcoming tournament in 2024. Explore teams, players, and group favourites for the tournament. This guide presents the 2024 AFCON favourites to help players in making their predictions.

List of AFCON 2024 Favourites

Based on their current rankings and form, the following teams are considered AFCON favourites for the 2024 tournament:


Senegal, the current champions and one of the strongest teams, will try to defend their title. Senegal is a frontrunner to win AFCON 2024 due to their previous success.

Senegal has a strong team led by Sadio Mane.

The roster features a healthy proportion of both young and seasoned players, with several members having previously competed in high-level competitions in Europe. Senegal is undeniably a side to keep an eye on for AFCON betting in 2024.


Egypt is a legendary African Cup of Nations team with the most tournament trophies. Egypt has won the African Cup of Nations more times than any other nation.

Their fans are among the most loyal, and they have a rich history in the game. They will compete strongly in 2024.

Ivory Coast

As the host country, Ivory Coast was granted automatic advancement to the championship round. They won the competition twice.

Recently, the team has won the AFCON, most recently in 2015. In 2024, they might win the competition.


Nigeria is one of the most successful teams in African Cup of Nations history, with three titles. In recent years, the national team has seen significant contributions from players like Victor Osimhen.

The Nigerian team has all of the necessary components to emerge victorious from the African Cup of Nations. The Nigerian team are clear AFCON favourites for 2024.

AFCON 2024 Group Favourites

Some teams stand out as clear AFCON favourites to advance from the group stage of the tournament. Find out more about the AFCON groups’ favourites in 2024:

Group A

In this group, Nigeria and Ivory Coast, as the home team, are AFCON favourites.

However, Equatorial Guinea is a well-known competitor. In this group, they may be an obstacle.

Group B

Egypt, Ghana, Cape Verde, and Mozambique compete in Group B for a spot. Egypt and Ghana are favourites to move from the group stage.

Group C

Players may look forward to intense battles from the competitors in Group C. This group houses teams like Senegal and Cameroon.

Senegal, the current champions, and Cameroon, who have won five straight, are the favourites to advance. Guinea is a threat and might be a top team.

Group D

Algeria, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, and Angola compete in this group. Angola, Burkina Faso, and Algeria are the best group contenders.

Group E

Tunisia, South Africa, and Mali have the best chances of advancing from Group E despite the competition according to the recent AFCON betting odds. Like Group D, players expect two to qualify for the next round automatically and the other to cut the space for the best loser.

Group F

In Group F, Morocco, DR Congo, Zambia, and Tanzania will compete against one another. This group also features a matchup between three of the tournament’s former champions.

Zambia, Morocco, and DR Congo are AFCON favourites for this group.

AFCON 2024 Top Scorers Favourites

Considering recent history as well as current form, here are some players to keep an eye on for in the 2024 African Cup of Nations.

Vincent Aboubakar

The Cameroonian striker, a top scorer at previous AFCONs, is to look out for. Abubakar has scored in key games and will strive to lead his country to success in 2024. He’s talented and experienced enough to score well again.

Victor Osimhen

The striker has been playing well and is dangerous around the post. Victor Osimhen is considered a top European athlete. Osimhen is a national icon and a star player for Nigeria.

Sadio Mane

As one of the AFCON top scorers, he will be one of several Senegalese players who will try to score the goals their team needs to win the competition in 2024. He has been productive in the qualification round so far, so he is a top scorer favourite.

AFCON 2024 Favourites FAQs

Who are the favourites for AFCON 2024?

The favourites for AFCON 2024 include teams like Senegal, Egypt, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast.

What factors determine a team’s status as a favourite?

A team’s standing as a favourite at the AFCON can be affected by various factors. These include its current form as a team, the home team factor, the performance of individual players, and management.

Which is the favourite team to win the group B?

Egypt is the favourite team to win Group B.

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