Who Owns Hollywoodbets: Founder, CEO & Key Figures

Hollywoodbets is one of South Africa’s go-to websites for online betting. With many years of experience behind its back, the brand earned a name for itself.

Naturally, many people want to know who owns Hollywoodbets, so this article will be dedicated to finding out everything about that person.

Hollywoodbets: A Brief History

A lot of people may not know, but Hollywoodbets is one of the oldest companies in the gambling business worldwide. Before becoming what it is today, the people behind it were a part of Winning Form in 1986, a company that focused on distributing and publishing horse racing cards.

The year 2000 was important for the team because it opened its first branch in Durbab, but Hollywoodbets became accessible online in 2006 when the first website was launched. Three years later, the company also released its mobile website, allowing mobile gamblers to enjoy everything on the go.

Today, Hollywoodbets as more than 80 branches and operators in six different provinces in South Africa. Moreover, it offers USSD betting, phone betting, and more. Everyone who has the chance to experience the brand’s platform knows it has many features, bonuses, and betting alternatives to try out.

Owner & Founder – Owen Heffer & Lesley

After learning a bit about the brand, it’s time to see who is the owner of Hollywoodbets. Currently, this operator has two owners – Owen Heffler and Lesley, the person he is married to. Owen is the main person behind the company, but similar to many other businesses, the success did not come overnight.

The journey began in 1980 when Owen and his family moved to South Africa. Unsurprisingly, the entrepreneur was trying to come up with something to earn money, so he decided to sell printed tipping sheats near the Greyville Racecourse, where there were loads of horse racing fans. Following the success of his endeavor, Owen built his first company (Winning Form), which is still in business. Of curse, this brand helped Owen figure out how to build Hollywoodbets. Winning Form gave Owen Heffer the needed experience to develop one of South Africa’s biggest companies.

Hollywoodbets CEO – Suren Rampersadh

Several years after opening Winning Form, Owen Heffer and Suren Rampersadh (the latter was his partner in business) decided to open a betting shop in 1998. Following the success, Owen continued to improve and eventually came out with Hollywoodbets.

Considering that Suren Rampersadh and Owen have been by each other’s side since th beginning, it’s no surprise Mr Rampesadh is Hollywoodbet’s current CEO. He won the award for the best CEO of 2018 in the Gambling Industry Awards, which means he knows what he’s doing.

Now that you know who owns Hollywoodbets and who’s the CEO, let’s learn more information about a few other things.

Other Key Figures at Hollywoodbets

Learning who is the founder of Hollywoodbets will increase your trust in the iGaming operator. However, to run, the site needs to have a lot of other key figures. As expected, a brand of this caliber will work with the best in the industry, so here are a few names you should know:

  • Rowann Cross is the Chief Operating Officer
  • Carol Tshabalala is the brand’s ambassador
  • Pedro Miguel Casimiro is the head of marketing
  • Brandon Pillay is in the financial control
  • Thandeka Msomi is the sales agent
  • Adheesh Maharaj is the financial and commercial executive
  • Devin Heffer is the brand and communication Executive

Hollywoodbets also has loads of brand ambassadors, such as Robert Marawa, Jerry Sikhosana, and Mike Procter.

Hollywoodbets Sponsorships

Modern gambling websites decide to sponsor events and organizations because they want to gain new clients. Unsurprisingly, Hollywoodbets is one of the companies that also does that. As one of the biggest names in online gambling in South Africa, you can find this brand on all sorts of things, such as:

  • Netball South Africa
  • Brentford Football Club
  • La Liga

On top of that, Hollywoodbets sponsor a lot of different races across South Africa as well as elsewhere.


Now that you know who owns Hollywoodbets, you can see why a lot of people choose to log in to this gambling company. One of South Africa’s leading sports betting websites and online casinos has people with a lot of experience behind it. Considering they’ve been a part of it for so many years, we can expect even more interesting options from this brand in the future.

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