Why Africa is the best gambling market in the future?

The rise of online gambling has reached African shores, and looking at the evidence, it’s easy to see that the continent is next in line for massive restructure. Africa is a contemporary country which adapts well to change this is exactly how gambling laws are evolving.

Currently, gambling is on the rise in the country and predicted revenues over the next year are over 30 billion and that’s just based on the progressive rise in revenues since 2014.

Although online gambling is illegal in South Africa, there are online casinos which have been licensed to cater for the African market. However, there are some countries in Africa which has legalized online gambling. Trusted new casino sites are somewhat rare in the southern part of Africa, but if legalized would be incredibly popular. It has been predicted that online gambling will be legalized in the not so distant future which would prove to be a lucrative industry as there are limited online casinos for Africans. The National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 will need to be passed into law for this to happen, however there are high hopes this will soon come into fruition.

Despite being limited to online gambling, African citizens are legally allowed to partake in sports betting which has been legal since 1996. Horse racing is especially popular for online gamers and being a legal activity has made online sports betting a favoured means of wagering money.

In the countries to prohibit gambling, land based casino resorts are incredibly popular opening the market up which sparks interest to online gambling which is ideal for players looking for convenience.

How Africans Access Gambling Sites

Africa is a modern country and being ahead of times, technology may be expensive but it is there and casino enthusiasts use this to their advantage through accessing online casinos via mobiles, laptops and desktops. Mobile casino gambling is a preferred method as the majority of African casino members use their smartphones to claim welcome bonuses and sign up for membership. For this reason, when online gambling does eventually become legal where it is currently prohibited, mobile casino accessibility will be amongst some of the criteria required for the online casino to be successful in the competitive industry that is online casino gaming.

Desktop gaming is just as popular but thanks to modern technology, online gambling isn’t restricted to desktop and laptops.

The South African market has plans to increase the number of current licensed casinos operating under offshore licenses. Currently there are an estimated total of 38 casinos in operation and the market is set to increase over the next few years, which hopefully will legalize online gambling by this time.

Focusing on how Africa as a whole has evolved, it shouldn’t be long until countries where online casino gaming is illegal evolves and becomes legal, bringing in revenue and attracting foreign markets as well. And with attention focused on Africa, we predict that it is indeed the next big gambling market and will take the world by storm when legalized through all the African countries.

Source: allafrica.com

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