Why Africans Have a High Affinity for Sports Betting

Sports betting has turned out to be a lucrative business on the African continent. Unlike other less popular forms of gambling, sports betting is more practiced in almost all parts of the continent. African punters gamble on their favorite sports, both online and offline.

Some people say their love of sports in the region is due to its aggression, while others think it’s due to the increased inclusion of African athletes in internal and famous leagues. Football or soccer is the most gambled sport by far, and other sports like volleyball, basketball, Rugby, Tennis, and Horse racing follow.
Reasons why Africans gamble more on sports

Africans are getting to embrace gambling as a form of entertainment, not to mention an opportunity to earn some easy cash. Below are some of the reasons why Africans bet more on sports than other casino games.

Gambling on sports is more assuring.

Placing a bet on a football match is much easier and more real for an African. Everyone wants the assurance that their hard-earned money is not ending up in a bottomless pit. With tough economies present in the continent, placing your money on the outcome of an event you will witness take place is more fulfilling than getting a spin or a deal of cards you are not sure you received. Some casinos dupe punters with predetermined spin outcomes, but the results of a football match or a horse race can rarely get rigged. Besides, it’s impossible to bribe a horse into winning or getting defeated.

Unwavering love for sports

Whether it’s a local or a European league, you will find a good number of followers, even in the most remote parts of the continent. Cricket and Rugby come second to football and now have their fair share of fans in Africa’s top gambling countries, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. Now, than ever before, numerous African Football players are participating in Africa’s best football leagues, La Liga and the English Premier League, drawing an incredible following from the continent in support of their own.

The technology in sports gambling

Technology has undeniably caused the sports betting industry to evolve and get easily accessible. Life is tough in Africa, and that’s the much fans can take. Gambling is an escape for many, especially with the popular mobile gambling options available. After a tough day at work, punters get to enjoy a session of their best sport from the comfort of their homes using their desktops and smartphones. Live betting is also another aspect that has promoted sports gambling. Punters get to watch matches live and place their wagers depending on their judgment.

Lenient and unestablished laws

Sports betting is mostly legal in most African nations. A few Muslim countries have banned all forms of gambling, and their citizens can only gamble from offshore sites. In the countries where gambling is legal, there exists a gap in the formulation of laws for regulating these activities. The gap in legislation has caused a rapid increase since the industry is still fledgling. For this reason, betting companies from Europe and the United States are taking advantage and establishing their firms in the continent to quench the unattended thirst for wagering with minimum requirements by the law.

High rates of poverty

Africa has a high youth population, and this implies a high dependency ratio. Also, most of these youths are jobless, and any easy cash from gambling could serve as a source of income. Some youngsters in Africa have mastered the art of gambling and depending on it to support their lifestyles. Anything that can chase poverty is good for Africa as long as it is not compromising their well-being.

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