Why bet on Lucky6?

Lucky6 is one of our most involving games. And here are the reasons why punters like it.

Engaging rules

35 numbers are drawn at random from the 48 numbers in the lottery machine, and the player has to predict 6 ones that will be drawn as early as possible in the process. The probability that the player correctly guesses 6 of the drawn lottery balls when 35 from the total 48 are drawn is very high. All the player has to do is monitor his winning odds and in which cells his sixth number will appear.

Several betting options

The main betting option in the game is a bet on 6 numbers (Lucky6). Besides, players can bet on the color of a ball, whether it is odd or even, and the totals.

More chances to win

It is also possible to place multiple bets of 6 numbers in the game, making it even easier to guess the winning combination. A player’s winnings will be higher if the six numbered balls chosen earlier in the game are drawn.

So, choose your lucky six numbers and hit the jackpot with Lucky6!💪

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