Why data is the backbone of sport betting business in Africa

Africa’s favorable demographics, with a relatively large number of young people living in urban areas, though, the popularity of sports in the continent cannot be denied.

Particularly football among young Africans has become prevalent in the continent to the extent that the young population is so passionate to support their favorite team, particularly major European leagues.

Furthermore, Sports is relatively not new in Africa it is actually a culture in Africa deeply rooted to the average Africans. However, since the emergence of sports betting in Africa, which as provided grounds for the adoration of the old continent, Sport lovers in the continent increase further, this is because you are not just passionate about your local heroes only, but sports betting also gives you an opportunity to wagered on a sporting event.


Sports data are collection of relevant, historical information, statistics that when properly applied can provide a competitive advantage to a team or bettors. However, as players’ behaviors is evolving in the continent most importantly the increasing numbers of punters as well as the huge to win in a week-in-week-out sports betting, bettors are now seeking for a well detailed information on which team has a competitive edge between the teams, however, the statistics is vital to bettors to select which team to place bet on. For instance, according to Google report from top search in 2018, search for betting tips site came third on the list of top search in Nigeria.

Meaning the average punters in Nigeria are interested to have enough information, statistics and a betting site that will guide them before wagering on a bets, comparing this to few years back when sport betting is relatively new in the continent bettors only rely on odds and luck- before wagering on a sporting event in Africa. Though, sports information is the backbone of sports wagering, and the most important component of the whole business. More importantly punters don’t only rely on the information gathered from their favorite teams; particularly bettors in Africa are more interested in placing bets in multiple markets, due to the limited information on which team to place bets on, bettor’s research further for more information.

For instance, if they have limited information on which team that has competitive advantage between the two competitors; bettors rather seek for platforms that can provide information guide before wagering on such game. The abrupt premium on sports information is probably going to set up a variety of contentions in the wagering business that has been so important in Africa gaming industry.

Article by Adeleye Awakan

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