Why mobile casinos are more popular in 2021?

The popularity of mobile casinos has been skyrocketing steadily over the last years. We take a look at global trends in terms of smartphone usage, developments in technology and changes in laws regarding mobile casinos. Find out how the previous years’ events changed our gambling habits too.

Smartphones amongst the reasons why mobile casinos become popular in 2021.

To understand the ever so growing popularity of mobile casinos like Intertops Casino, it is worth taking a look at how smartphone usage took over our desktops in recent years. Today, the majority of internet traffic is coming from mobile sources. We predominantly use your smartphones. A global research estimates, that approximately 50.88% of all internet traffic can be attributed to such devices. In 2020, the global breakdown of internet traffic suggested that desktop usage is 46.39% and 2.74% comes from tablets.

The data suggests exactly what we can also see in our lives – we use smartphones for almost everything. Social media is one of the biggest reason to spend time on smartphones. However, e-commerce, banking, emailing and other activities are also shifted from our desktops to our mobiles. Approximately 83% of all social media visits are from mobile devices, compared to around 15% on desktops or laptop computers. In this article, we break down in detail what other factors explain why mobile casinos become popular in 2021.

How convenience became a priority when using mobile casinos.

It is not surprising that our handy little devices are more convenient than desktops and laptops in any way. Our cellphones are always within reach. Today, more than 32 per cent of the global population use smartphones. The usage of mobile devices allows us to constantly multitask, pick it up on the go, or while waiting or travelling. Apart from this, it is important to mention developing user-friendliness when it comes to convenience. Due to the high demand, the quality of our smartphone screens, sounds and interfaces of various apps are getting better by the day. It is not only convenient but pleasurable.

While the confidence in using smartphones to handle our daily tasks can vary between generations, it is safe to say that Millenials and Gen Z’s are on the top of the list. The size of the smartphone, not to mention the notorious addictive blue light had led us to enjoy a new level of multitasking. Smartphones allow us to take a quick glance at our favorite apps while doing other things.

Technology to improve the popularity of mobile casinos in 2021.

Technology. It is a key player in several industries, online gambling is not an exception. From the 2000s, the rise of smartphones now coupled with 5G high-speed mobile internet allowed users not to be tied to a place with good internet. You no longer have to sit in front of a computer or hunt for good WIFI. As a matter of fact, since 5G, mobile internet connections are not only faster but more reliable. The introduction of the fifth-generation (5G) network in other countries will enable mobile gambling to lead the online casino industry.

The Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 is the innovative technology that made it possible for online casino games to become available on mobile phones. It made it easy to access your favourite slot games (with HTML5 support) on your phone’s web browser (source: UK Tech). Furthermore, mobile payment integrations made it possible to quickly add funds form your phone to your casino accounts. Mobile casinos such as Intertops Casino feature multiple payments methods. Availability varies from your online banking app through e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. The smarter our phones, the more we understand why mobile casinos will become popular in 2021.

Access and affordability.

The availability of cost-effective devices is also important to understand what drives the market. Smartphones are more accessible than high-end laptops that actually provide quality gaming or gambling experience. Endless options are available from service providers that usually highlight the specifics of mobile internet access. Tech giants are constantly fighting to put out affordable and quality devices.

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