Why Nigerian self-exclusion program is beneficial

Many of you have heard about some self-exclusion programs that are effective and work perfectly. One of the examples is GamStop and it has been working perfectly in the United Kingdom. Sadly, it doesn’t work outside the country.

Nigeria needs the same or similar self-exclusion program. It is beneficial due to several reasons, all of which will be covered below.

Players With Addiction Can Get Proper Help

As we all know, gambling addiction may affect certain players. There is no way to protect yourself 100% from this issue. Certain players are at risk and they would need help if this issue presents itself. Using a self-exclusion method is extremely effective, as GamStop proved.

The main goal of this ban is to prevent players from gambling online for a specific period. If they cannot gamble, they cannot indulge in their addiction, which will end. This works for all kinds of addiction. If you don’t indulge in it, the addiction will be cured, eventually.

Adding a self-exclusion tool to Nigerian players is essential and extremely beneficial. Players who are at risk can use this help and they will recover in a matter of weeks or months. They will get suitable help available 24/7 and that actually works.

Without a self-exclusion tool, Nigerian players are left to use paid tools and other methods that are effective but not as much as actual self-exclusion. All we are trying to say is that a self-exclusion program here would make online gambling across the country much safer and more appealing than ever before.

Is There a Way To Remove The Self-Exclusion?

One of the additional reasons why self-exclusions are so effective is the fact they cannot be removed. If a player from Nigeria chooses the ban of 5 years, he will be banned from gambling for 5 years. There is no option that a player can use to decrease the length of the ban or remove it.

This also means that when a player is worried about online gambling and wants to gamble, but gambling addiction is still present, he won’t be able to do that! This is the simple thing that makes self-exclusion actually work and be effective.

GamStop is known for this. Even if a player contacts support and ask them to remove the ban, they will refuse. Nigerian gamblers need the same thing and they need it as soon as possible. But in particular, there are websites that support Non-GamStop players. Thus in theory you can remove self-exclusion using NonGamStopBets guides or any other reliable resource. Today it is a trending topic and thousands of users are looking for options on how to do it.

Self-exclusions like GamStop are free and therefore they are needed In Nigeria. Other tools such as software and apps are not. Players will have to pay on a monthly basis to use these tools. Gambling addicts cannot afford this most of the time. They are in financial insecurity and they have certain monetary issues due to obvious reasons.

As such, they cannot get help. All other methods may work but they are less effective. In simple terms, this means that a player with a gambling addiction will not get proper help. He or she will be angry at the casino, gambling, the government and so much more.

Because players cannot get free help and cannot afford paid methods, they will make their gambling addiction even worse. They will jeopardize their financial stability even more and they can cause a lot more problems for their family.

Makes Online Gambling Trustworthy

At the moment, Nigerian players believe that online gambling is not secure and that they are not protected. All players from the same countries believe the same thing. They know that if gambling addiction occurs, they cannot get help. They will end up with a severe problem and they won’t be able to recover easily. Singer Seun Kuti even says that internet scams are better than gambling in some ways.

Now, add GamStop or a platform with the same purpose. Nigerian gamblers will assume that now they have help and they can use it for free when needed. This is true and it is one of the reasons why so many countries have been adding self-exclusion methods to their gambling industry.

Now that you know that you have rights and are protected if needed, you will be more interested in gambling as one of the biggest industries in Africa. You will consider this activity fun. It is actually the primary reason why so many people gamble online. It is entertainment! This is only possible if players are protected in case something goes wrong. Without a self-exclusion ban, all of this will work in a different way. Users will consider gambling online as insecure and too risky to even try it.

The Final Word

Nigerian gamblers need self-exclusion. It is the plain and simple truth. In a nutshell, this addition will make the whole industry safer, more appealing, and more productive in the country. Because self-exclusion is voluntary to use, there are no issues that affect players. It is a tool that is always there for players but most of them won’t even know it is available. Without self-exclusion, gambling in Nigeria will fail to reach its maximum potential.

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