Why Nigerians Choose Sports Betting Apps Over Online Websites

Recent studies of the gambling market have shown a significant increase in the popularity of the online format. It applies to both gambling and betting. Players are increasingly choosing virtual casinos, betting, and buying lottery tickets online.

In addition, if we consider the statistics of desktop versions of the site and mobile applications, Nigerian users are increasingly choosing the latter option.

Bookmakers also try to provide users with the most diverse options. For example, you can download SportyBet app in Nigeria on your smartphone. So what is the reason for the growing popularity of mobile betting?

Features of Smartphone Betting

Given that today, almost every second person has a smartphone, bookmakers and representatives of other businesses offer their customers mobile applications as an analog of the site. Bookmakers develop similar programs for both Android and iOS operating systems.

There are several ways to download such software:

  • On the bookmaker’s website. This option is suitable for owners of smartphones on the Android OS. Google’s internal policy does not accept the activities of bookmakers, so there are no applications in the PlayMarket.
  • Download from the official AppStore. Apple is more loyal to gambling, so they have apps available from all legal bookmakers.

When downloading the distribution kit on the bookmaker’s sites, you will first need to allow the installation of the application from an unverified source in the “Security” tab. The smartphone’s built-in firewall may block the installation file without such permission.

Mobile Version of the Site or the App?

Some people do not see the point in betting apps and continue using mobile site versions.

They do not need to be downloaded and installed, they do not take up the memory of a smartphone, and they can replace a desktop resource in the same way.

These are the arguments of the supporters of mobile versions of betting resources. However, apps have a lot more advantages:


  • Traffic economy: For some users, unlimited mobile internet is a luxury. Typically, mobile operators provide only a few gigabytes as a package. Regularly visiting the site to check the results can be too expensive. So, bettors prefer to install a betting app, consuming traffic much more economically.
  • Fast work: Often pages load much more slowly than modern applications. But every second matters in live betting because the situation can change each moment.
  • Bonuses: Many bookmakers offer their customers bonuses, promotions, and the opportunity to win prizes for installing mobile applications.
  • Content in a convenient format: Even in mobile versions of sites, menus or other elements do not always fit the screen size of your smartphone. Applications are free from this drawback, which makes the betting process more comfortable.

Why Nigerian Bettors Choose Mobile Apps

The first reason many bettors are increasingly betting online through mobile bookmaker apps is to save traffic. Applications work faster because all interface elements are kept in the program and are not loaded every time you enter your account, as on the site. It is crucial for bettors interested in dynamic sports who prefer to bet live. In such cases, even a few seconds can make placing a bet at favorable odds impossible.

Other benefits of mobile betting include the following:

  • Ease of use.
  • Quick access to your account.
  • Setting up notifications about the progress of the match in the live section.
  • The ability to automatically confirm payments when replenishing a budget, etc.

And one more important advantage — most bookmakers advertising their mobile applications offer various bonuses and promotional codes for downloading and installing them. Some bookmakers regularly hold lotteries with large prize pools specifically for users of their mobile applications. To take advantage of additional bonuses, download the software, install it on your smartphone, and log in to your account.

Another reason for preferring mobile betting is the active lifestyle of modern young people. They do not sit still — they spend much time outside the home, working and resting. Therefore, mobile betting is the only option to combine an active lifestyle and betting. A smartphone is always at hand to bet. You need to launch a shortcut on the gadget screen, add an event to the coupon and place a bet.

A Spoon of Tar

Even though there are a lot of positives in mobile betting, there are also negative aspects. For example, tracking numerous matches via a PC on a large monitor is much more convenient. Watching future and current games simultaneously in separate tabs while watching the video broadcast is helpful for an effective betting strategy. Doing all this simultaneously on a small smartphone screen is almost impossible.


Nigerians bet via mobile because everyone has the gadget to place a bet. All you need is an internet connection and an amount in the account. Mobile betting is good because it allows you to bet anywhere: on public transport, driving, in bed, outside the city, in another country, etc.

To attract as many players as possible to mobile betting, bookmakers have various promotions and special offers: bonuses for downloading and installing mobile software, no-deposit free bets, and other excellent features.

Source: businesstoday.co.ke

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