Why poker is the ideal game for punters

Africa is the second largest population in world behind Asia that is expected to hit double figure the size of Europe by 2050. Poker game is not a popular game in Africa, unlike other gambling platforms in the continent, but poker is the ideal game for punters.

Poker games need no introduction nor a definition most people know how to play it in other parts of the continent and it also has variations and the most popular one is texas hold em.

However, poker it’s a unique card game and the main reason why europens love it so much that they wouldn’t mind falling in line for their turn at the poker table. A good example for punters, unlike any other casino games or virtual sport or sport betting, poker is one of those games that don’t rely too much on luck.

Furthermore, poker is mostly a game of skill, this is the reason why punters in Africa needs to learn it more, the more skillful you are, the higher your chances of winning will be, also you can play it without any skill at all as long as you know the rules, you should know if there’s a skillful poker player that will sit down in your table expect your chances of winning will be very slim, as a poker player you can control your fate if you’re skillfully good enough, you will win a lot of games and might even be your ticket to greatness, punters should know that it’s the only known casino game that has professional matches held all over the world.

For example Morocco home of poker in Africa, especially the city of Marrakech have emerged as the hotspot for poker tournments such as Marrakech poker open and the Marrakech Poker Cup and even serving as one of the sports destinations for the World Poker Tour. Therefore, poker playing can be a career if you really want to and you’re driven.

Poker game it’s a good way to have fun through playing it, it can be fun because you’re learning it can also be fun because you’re interacting with people and you’re socializing, what you learn is a life skill learning the tricks and how to win in poker is not just applied in poker like, what most people think it can actually be applied to life. A good example of poker players are always the most cunning in life and cautions, that is because what they learn in poker are also applied to how they live their lives.

However, you might think that it’s crazy that poker can actually help you become healthy It might sound crazy but it’s actually not. Well studies have proven that when you use your brain often, it lessened the risk of you getting Alzheimer’s disease. Tell that to wife and other people telling you that poker is bad. Start playing poker.

Written by Adeleye Awakan

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