Why ‘Sewing Machine’ is trending in the world of sports betting

An X (Twitter) user by the name ‘Sewing Machine’ has risen to the top of the trends after leaking the VIP bets of tipsters who were otherwise charging punters for odds.

Over the last 48 hours, Sewing Machine, who runs the account @BTLizle, has been the talk of the sports betting world. This comes after the person behind the account subscribed to the VIP channels of tipsters who usually charge punters in exchange for odds with high chances of winning. What Sewing Machine does, though, is to subscribe to the VIP channels, pay for the odds and then leak them online for others to stake them for free.

On Tuesday, he leaked several VIP slips compiled by popular Ghanaian tipster Enokay after subscribing to the latter’s paid website, enokay69.com.  Erlier today (Wednesday, September 20, 2023), he again leaked the VIP betting slips of another tipster, Opresii.

“If you see anyone on social media with a website that needs you to pay money before you get odds, please alert me. I will pay and share the odds for free. Philanthropy comes in many forms,” – he explained his actions in a pinned post.

Despite Sewing Machine’s unorthodox methods, he has been praised by a section of the netizens for leaking VIP odds for free.

The betting industry in Ghana has seen tremendous growth in the last decade, leading to many betting companies setting up shop in the country. In recent years, sports betting has often divided opinion among Ghanaians, with some quarters seeing it as a legal way of leveraging on one’s sporting knowledge to make money, while others continue to highlight its addictive effects on the youth. The growing interest in sports betting, though, stems from the high unemployment rate in Ghana, where very few job opportunities are available to graduates. According to the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), 1.76 million persons were unemployed by the third quarter of 2022 alone.

Source: pulse.com.gh

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