Will China ever legalize online gambling?

The government diligently works in the opposite direction and each year it erects more barricades to prevent people from playing casino games over the Internet.

Online casinos, slot sites & bookmakers are constantly looking for new markets to conquer, with a large and wealthy population being one of the sought after characteristics. Not surprisingly, China has emerged as a very tempting destination, given the nation’s accelerated growth and huge demographics. Unfortunately for prospective casinos willing to open shop in this country or accept local players online, prohibitive legislation continues to be a huge obstacle. There are many great casino sites and you can read some reviews here. Not in China though!… with nothing going past the Great Firewall of China, the only hope is that in a not so distant future, the laws with change and online gambling will become illegal.

Playing online is strictly forbidden in China

Macau remains the main destination for Chinese gamblers, with Hong Kong in second place at some distance. A lot of money is made from gambling tax revenues, but even so, the Chinese government doesn’t have any intention to legalize sports betting and casino games. As more players from this country travel to the aforementioned cities and even Russia to enjoy casino games, the authorities remain clearly unimpressed. They frequently crackdown on illegal gambling and hand out harsh sentences to delinquents

In spite of prohibitive laws, Chinese players frequently find a way around them and continue to play illegally. Billions of dollars are spent on such activities every year and most of the funds go to online gaming websites that operate legally. Law-abiding casinos are obviously frustrated by the fact that they can’t cater to Chinese players, but there’s nothing to do until the laws change. The government is more concerned about catching those who play legally, although corruption at the highest level makes it possible for some casinos to function.

Hainan is a beacon of light

The Hainan Island is the place that everyone hoping for gambling to be legalized in China is looking at with great hope and high expectations. The Chinese government is contemplating the possibility of allowing gambling on this island, but local authorities are far from enthusiastic. They could apply for the lottery and sports betting license and run a pilot in this area, but they are not keen on taking chances. They are afraid that if things don’t go according to the plan, some of them could lose their seats and at the same time, there’s very little to gain from such an endeavor.

If this project goes through in the end, gamers will be able to embark on one of the many bones that connect mainland China to the Hainan Island. They will be able to enjoy such leisure activities legally, which would represent a huge step forward in a prohibitive country. Chinese people are enthusiastic about gambling and they would definitely love the prospect of playing legally online, without even leaving their home. Unfortunately, there is no sign that online gaming will be legal in China anytime soon. In fact, the government diligently works in the opposite direction and each year it erects more barricades to prevent people from playing casino games over the Internet.

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