Women In Gaming: Abena Addo-Mensah- Deputy Director Of Operations-Gaming Commission Of Ghana!

Mrs Abena Addo-Mensah, is a 39 year old woman with 13 years of experience in gaming. Mrs Addo-Mensah holds a degree in integrated rural art and industry, a master’s in Business Administration and has a wealth of experience in public sector administration.

Mrs Addo-Mensah’s very first job in gaming began in 2005 with an online gambling company in the UK for a year, With this experience she joined the newly established gaming commission of Ghana as an officer in 2006 upon her return to her home country.Over the years she has risen through the ranks and is currently the Deputy Director for Operations at the Gaming Commission of Ghana.

With increased calls for online gaming in many regions, how do you think regulators and operators can work together to ensure any regulation is implemented correctly and with customer safety in mind?

To ensure correct implementation of regulation, there must be proper information sharing. A centralised platform where real time information can be sourced will keep regulators abreast with developing trends which will inform future law formulation

How can regulators and legislators work to ensure their markets are attractive to potential investors and operators looking to expand?

There must be an environment of mutual dialogue and knowledge sharing to ensure that legislators know how the gaming industry works and create an enabling environment for businesses to grow but within a well regulated environment.

The industries recovery post COVID-19 and a shift towards the digital space will both be key focuses during this year’s event, what do you see as the main challenges facing the industry?

The challenge in this event will be the flooding of illegal companies into unregulated gaming space, the ease of accessing gaming digitally will expose most vulnerable people into gambling, stricter laws must be enacted to protect the vulnerable and exposed persons during this period.

The other challenge would be cyber security and how to protect operations within this digital space against the activities of hackers and other attacks.

Again another challenge may be the expectation of state and wider society for gaming operations to put in the right measures and protocols to protect the vulnerable and problem gamblers.

What are the challenges that you face being a woman in the industry?

Luckily I don’t face many challenges because the industry is still quite novel in Ghana even after 10 of existence. As a woman in a male dominated industry you must be assertive and informed about the times and issues to continue to remain relevant.

I personally do not consider them as challenges in as much as I see them as opportunities to do better and prove that I am capable especially in such a male dominated industry. Interacting with other women in the industry has also taught me that, though it is tough we have what it takes to succeed and be great at what we do.

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