Women in gaming will create more opportunities in the gambling sector

Africa has so much promise. The continent is home to some of the worlds fastest growing economies and offers an exciting frontier in the gaming space looking for growth and new markets and relatively at advantage with demographic, dominated by youths which the numbers state millions of women are in this continent.

And yet, persistent gender inequality is limiting the abundance of potential in the gambling sector. Pockets of good news do exist. For instance, when the industry stakeholders meet at the second edition of ICE Africa which lunch the initiative tag ‘Women in Gaming’ brought a lot of women in the industry on board to meet and gather and discus the future of women in Africa gambling sector, but they tend to be success story for women at the top of the pyramid, but not for millions of ordinary African women. Because of the failure to embrace gender diversity, millions of women and Africa’s overall social, economic, entertainment and the gambling sector will not reach their full potential.

If only Africa gaming sector step up its efforts now to close gender gaps, it can secure a substantial growth in total gaming revenue. Unlike, a typical aspect in Africa gaming sector which majority passive it as men dominated sector and gambling is tag as men’s game, if more women are involved in the gaming sector it will create a whole lot of opportunities to the gambling sector in terms of the increased in numbers of punters, it will also accelerate progress toward parity which could boost African economies by the equivalent of 10 percent of their collective GDP by 2025 according to McKinsey Global Institute finds.

Although, the continent lags behind other regions on progress toward gender equality in society to achieve this impetus toward gender equality all stakeholders in the gaming space need to act to have more women in the gambling sector as this will create an atmosphere to attract other women to show interest in the gambling sector, as partners to identify issues and engage the most appropriate ones and needs to be effective agents of change.

Finally, Africa is been described as the next frontier in the gambling sector though a whole lot of things still need to be in place before the industry can complete a full-cycle of advance gambling sector. The question now is how do we intend to effect this change in the gambling sector? It could be that a whole a lot of women in the continent still have this stigma for gambling or are stakeholders not doing enough to make the industry more attractive for women to come on board, though as the year go by a lot of unanswered questions will take shape in due course.

Article by Adeleye Awakan
Associate/Editor www.gbc.ng Africa’s digital gaming news portal. For consultant, Bookmaker’s review, Content, thoughtful leadership article: feel free to contact me [email protected], Linkedin Adeleye Awakan.

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