World most famous African casinos

Casinos in Africa contribute heavily to tourism and gambling is a big boom in Africa’s business. Africa casinos attract punters around the globe. Africa casinos are a gambling destination for travelers and locals.

A good number of African countries own modern casinos and gaming machines. South Africa and Egypt lead the pack as a famous gambling destination followed by Uganda, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Mauritius, Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria. So, which are the world’s most famous African casinos? Here is a list of popular casinos in Africa.

South Africa
The Palazzo Montecasino
The Palazzo Montecasino is South Africa Casino pride, it was named the top casino resort in 2017 by World Travel Awards. The casino is part of the Montecasino Entertainment center which is equipped with boutiques, shops, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, and a casino. The casino offers 67 live table games and 1600 slot machines.

Omar Khayyam casino
Omar Khayyam Casino is the largest casino in Egypt located in Zamalek district. The casino is housed by Cairo Marriott Hotel which is renowned for providing leisure and business services. The hotel offers both local and international dishes. The state-of-the-art casino is only available for foreigners, locals are barred.
Omar Khayyam casino contains 40 gaming machines and 17 table games.

Casino de Maurice
It is one of the oldest casinos in Mauritius. The popular Casino de Maurice has an array of board games comprisingblack jack, oasis poker and American roulette. The casino also has numerous
touch bet roulette and slot machines. Foreigners and locals over 18 are welcomed at Casino de Maurice.

Gaborone Sun casino
The famous Gaborone Sun casino is hosted by Gaborone Sun Hotel. The hotel is located between South Africa and the Kalahari Desert and is run by Sun International Group. The casino features 9 table games, 140 slot machines, a restaurant, and a hotel. It is also known as Avani casino.

Golden Key Casino
Golden Key Casino is a magnificent and attractive casino in East Africa. It is one of the classy casinos in East Africa located in the famous Tamarind hotel in the coastal town of Mombasa. It has appealing décor, thrilling entertainment, and fine-dining. It attracts both recreation and serious players. The casino is equipped with a variety of modern slot machines and live games including roulette, pontoon, 3-card poker, blackjack, and a bonus card.

The great casino of la Mamuonia
The great casino of la Mamuonia is an international luxury renowned hotel in Morocco. It is located near the base of the Atlas Mountain, Maraketch. The legendary La Mamuonia offers exciting games such as roulette, blackjack, mini punto banco, baccarat variation, and poker. The casino is equipped with 20 table games and 140 slot machines.

The Pyramids Casino Escape
The ambiance and glorious scene at Pyramids Casino Escape is satisfying. The casino design is inspired by the prehistoric kings, queens, pyramids and culture of Egypt. Pyramids Casino Escape provides an array of games, cocktail bars, and fine-dining. Private rooms are available by request plus they contain different range of table games from craps, baccarat, poker to blackjack.

The Swakopmund Casino
The Swakopmund Casino is a leading resort in Namibia that provides an entertainment spot and the famous seafood at Captain Tavern. It is located on Skeleton Coast. Famous Namibia’s casino provides a state-of-the-art casino center that takes pride in a variety of games including blackjack, stud poker, slot machines, American Roulette, and interactive video slot machines. It also has a full-service bar, an arcade, a cinema, and a gym.

Federal Palace Casino
Federal Palace is a popular casino in Nigeria located at the heart of Lagos. It is housed by Federal Palace Hotel which has 150 rooms. The casino has a modern design giving you the international casino experience. It boasts of having 120 slots machines and the latest modern games.

If you are looking for any casino magical moment, the above casinos will satisfy your adventure. This world most famous casino in Africa will offer you an unforgettable gaming experience.

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