Zambia – Bowman Lusambo warns owners of Casinos and Restaurants

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has warned owners of Casinos and Restaurants to refrain from turning their premises into bars following their reopening by President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Lusambo says operations of Casinos and restaurants are well outlined hence should not be transformed into bars. He has advised owners of Casinos and restaurants that also sale alcohol to only focus on their key roles and not open the bar section.

The Minister says his office will not relent in conducting spot checks to ensure compliance levels and observance of set health guidelines in these premises. And Mr. Lusambo has advised District Commissioners in all the Districts in Lusaka to ensure funds meant for the fight against Covid-19 are used for their intended purpose.

Meanwhile, the directive by the Livingstone City Council, compelling people to wear face masks in public places seems to have been ignored by a number of residents, particularly in markets, in the Tourist Capital. Market committees in the district are said to be having challenges to compel traders and customers to wear face masks.

A ZNBC News crew that visited Ellaine Brittel Market found most traders conducting business without face masks. Market Chairlady Granery Moono, says some traders are failing to wear face masks despite periodic reminders to do so.


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