Zambia Gambling and Betting Scene

Zambia is a landlocked country located in the Southern-Eastern region of Africa. It is rich in wildlife, tourism, and the booming mining industry. Plus, it is the home of the famous Victoria Falls.

Gambling in Zambia is legal. Lottery games, Sports betting, and casino gambling are the only legalized forms of betting in Zambia. The lottery is the oldest form of gambling in Zambia. Gambling is illegal for persons below 18 years. Mobile sports betting has made an impact on Zambian gamblers and bettors. It has made sports betting a more popular form of gambling than lotteries and casino gambling.

Sports betting

Like any other African country, sports betting is popular in Zambia. Football is a big sport for Zambians and Zambians love to watch football and place a wager either at sportsbook shops, online sites, or through mobile betting apps and services. Apart from football, Zambian punters can place their bets on other local and international sports like horse racing, boxing, tennis, basketball, and cricket.

Land-based casinos

Casino gambling is part of the top three types of gambling in Zambia. Zambia contains four licensed brick-and-mortar casinos. These casinos are situated in major towns- Livingstone, Lusaka, and Makeni.
• The Majestic Casino Resort, Makeni
• The Great Wall Casino, Lusaka
• The Falls Casino, Livingstone
• The New Fairmount Hotel and Casino, Livingstone
Casinos are a popular spot for Zambian casinos fanatics and also serves as a tourist destination. Most casinos are found inside hotels or resorts. Zambian casinos open depending on their policies. The casinos are well-equipped with a wide assortment of table games, slots machine, video games, and poker games, including Caribbean stud poker, multi-line slots, blackjack, and American roulette.


The Zambian Lotto is the oldest type of gambling. It was started in the early 1950s where the first lottery act was passed in 1958, known as the Lotteries Act. Earlier on, the government owned lottery but since the many amendments were done we have seen other private lotteries entering this lucrative market.
Zambian Lotto is popular among the lotteries player of Zambia. It is a nationwide sensational game. It is a simple game where between the numbers 1 and 39, players select six numbers. If a player gets 6 numbers correct they stand a chance to win the jackpot. Plus, a prize is won, if they guessed some of the numbers right.

Online gambling

Online gambling in Zambia is fueled by internet penetration in the country plus the use of smartphones. Almost every Zambian can access a smartphone and as a result, the use of online betting sites has increased. Bettors have now turned to online sites since they are faster, quick transactions and plenty of reliable features after disregarding the traditional way of gambling.

Online betting and gambling is neglected by Zambia betting and gambling laws, thus, there are no laws regarding it. Due to the relaxed online gambling laws and easily accessible betting sites, Zambian punters have the privilege to use online gambling sites that accept Zambian punters. They mostly use foreign-based online bookies to play online casinos such as Betway, Betfair, 1Xbet, Unibet, Betfred, 888Sport, William Hill, 32Red, 22bet, and Bet365. Foreign-based casinos accept dollars and eurosin preference to the Zambian Kwachas.

Gambling and Betting Laws in Zambia

Gambling in Zambia is legal but not all types of gambling are legal. At this time, lotteries, brick-and-mortar casinos and sports betting are the only ones legalized. Gambling laws in Zambia are controlled by three Legislative Acts. These are:
• The Betting Act
The Betting Board was a statue of the Betting Act. It controls, oversees, and governs betting activities, operators, and laws in Zambia. The board tasked with issuing a license to betting premises and bookmarkers. It also has the power to approve betting on sports events like horse racing.
• The Casino Act
It is responsible for regulating the procedures of issuing casino licenses and granting temporaryones. It issues casino gambling licenses to only hotels and renewed every five years. The Act has also included the number of slots machines and table games allowed.
• The State Lotteries Act
This Act was passed in the early 1950s but has gone numerous amendments to serve the state-run lottery and private lotteries. It regulates pools and lottery games in Zambia.

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