Zambia – the biggest lottery jackpot in the world – €195m

If you were asked which lottery offers the biggest jackpot in the world, your answer would probably be either Powerball or Mega Millions.

Both of these American lotteries have in the past awarded jackpots worth more than $1 billion. Surprisingly, the biggest jackpot up for grabs right now is in an Italian lottery and you could win it!

The Italian SuperEnalotto lottery is currently offering a €195 million jackpot and the next draw is tonight. Back in October 2010, a 70-member syndicate from Milan shared a €177.7 million SuperEnalotto prize.

SuperEnalotto’s current jackpot, which has been rolling over since June 2018, is the record jackpot ever offered by SuperEnalotto and amazingly, the winner of that enormous prize could be a resident of Zambia.

Here’s what you need to do for a chance at winning that amazing prize without leaving the comfort of home.

Simply sign up at, the leading online ticket purchasing service in the world. Choose SuperEnalotto from a selection of more than 50 of the biggest draws and fill out your ticket just as you would if buying it in person in Italy.

Once you place your order, representatives of theLotter will purchase official SuperEnalotto tickets on your behalf. Your tickets will be scanned and uploaded into your personal account on the site ahead of the draw, confirming your ownership of them.

If you win the SuperEnalotto jackpot, or any of the lottery’s exciting secondary prizes, you will receive the entire amount of your prizes as theLotter doesn’t take any commissions on winning tickets.

Over the years, theLotter has paid out over $95 million to more than 4.5 million players from across the globe. The site’s biggest winners include a woman from Panama who won a $30 million Florida Lotto jackpot and a man from Iraq who won $6.4 million playing the Oregon Megabucks lottery. In 2013, a man from Latvia playing the lottery online at theLotter won a €578,000 secondary prize in a SuperEnalotto draw.

You could be the next big SuperEnalotto winner, but you need to move quickly. The lottery’s huge €195m jackpot could be won in tonight’s draw!

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