Zambia’s President, Lungu, allows the reopening of Casinos

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, most businesses in Zambia. as in other parts of the world, have been closed. This was a move to combat the spread of the virus. This is because places like casinos have a high traffic of visitors. Some of these visitors are tourists, therefore, the risk of importing and further spreading the virus is high.

Tourism is one of the sectors that account for the growth of the gambling industry. Even though the lockdown has restricted international travel and visits, domestic tourism has been reopening. The president himself ordered the reopening of the Victoria Falls which is one of the major attractions. This means that the Casinos around and near this attraction can hope to receive some visitors.

To cushion the economy from suffering economically from restrictions caused by the pandemic, the government has lifted some of these restrictions. This has and will allow businesses such as casinos, hotels, and spas to reopen.

Zambia is one of the African countries whose gambling and gaming market is on a constant rise. This market has considerably improved in terms of the services offered in the casinos, the facilities, and regulations.

It has also been noted that most of the gamblers from Zambia are middle-class citizens and millennials who make up the large percentage of the country’s population. The constant growth of this gaming industries has caught the attention of international betting operators and other gaming partners. Some of the most incredible partners that have collaborated with Zambia are the Intralot and Gameloft who are some of the leading overseas gaming brands. Also, some sports betting like BetWay, an international sports betting operator, have joined the Zambian market. These partnerships and entrants into the market ensures that the Zambian gambling community is served the best.

These operators are indeed playing a very vital role in the gaming industry in Zambia. The betting companies have even made things much better and easier by partnering with mobile payment platforms to allow gamblers to make deposits and withdrawals into and out of their betting accounts. The ease of making transactions has also played a vital role in the growth of the industry with regards to the number of players joining betting sites.

Regulations and requirements for the reopening of land-based casinos

Casinos are coming back to business but have to follow a set of regulations issued by the government through the ministry of health. These are meant to prevent the further spread of the virus.

These regulations must be strictly adhered to and they include;
1. All the staff members must undergo a medical test for the virus and have a certificate of clearance before resuming work in casino and casino resorts. These include dealers within the casinos and waiters.
2. Both visitors and staff members must wear masks all the time and properly.
3. All spaces such as casino halls, poker rooms, hotels, and restaurants are to hold only 50% of the total capacity.
4. All spaces and surfaces must be disinfected regularly.
5. Slot machines and gaming tables ate to be sanitized as well and where possible, get separated using cabinets.
6. Food and drinks are to be served using disposable packages.
7. All visitors are expected to fill a medical questionnaire to show their history of travel and contacts in case any questions arise.
8. Casinos and casino resorts are expected to keep clean records of daily customer visitations and the government insists on the need to install CCTV cameras to monitor customers.

Whether you are a staff at the casino or a gambler who can’t wait to spend time in your favorite casino, following every regulation that applies to you is very crucial to staying healthy. We can all agree that this is for the greater good.

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If you are the kind of person who wants to wait at home until a permanent solution to the pandemic has been found, then I find it necessary to inform you about online Casinos in Zambia. You don’t have to visit a land-based casino, all you need is a good internet connection and your smartphone or a computer.

The best online casinos in Zambia

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These online casinos offer incredible bonuses and quick payouts. Also, there are free spins and deposits can be made using popular mobile transfer platforms. So, you get to stay home while enjoying endless slots, live Casino, poker, and many more games of your choice.

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