Zimbabwe’s Sports Betting Scene: Trends, Tips, and Analysis

Mobile sports betting is becoming more popular in Zimbabwe, which would explain its increase in popularity of bettors placing sports bets on popular sports, mainly football (soccer). While Nigeria has the highest revenue in sports betting of about $2 billion per year because of its high population, Zimbabwe still has a booming market in the sports betting industry.

Flash bets are becoming a more popular way to place bets whereas they pop up as suggested bets that you can make during a sports game. While it may seem smart to engage in these suggested bets, always use your best judgment before placing any type of sports bets.

Zimbabwe’s Online Sports Betting Market Is Increasing

The overall gambling market in Zimbabwe increased by 8.5% back in 2023, showing remarkable signs for continued growth in the area. While this percentage increase encompasses both casino gaming and sports betting, the bulk of the success in the gambling market from that year came from the successful sports betting engagements in the region for that year.

The Zimbabwean team was present at the 2023 World Athletics Championships which was one of the biggest betting events for locals in that time frame. Tapiwanashe Makarawu had participated in the 200 meters event with a result of 20.64 in the 4th rank, which was in the heat of the event. Unfortunately, he did not advance to the semi final or final round of this event.

Isaac Mpofu and Ngonidzashe Ncube both participated in the Marathon event whereas they finished in the 16th and 37th rank respectively. The one woman competing in the event, Fortunate Chidzivo had placed in 55th during her Marathon event.

Tips for Placing A Sports Bet In Zimbabwe

Analyzing the odds on a sportsbook for the sport in which you wish to bet on is essential before placing a sports bet in Zimbabwe. One of the most popular strategies is a sure bet as you will get some kind of reward despite how the match pans out. This may seem odd, but this is true. However, making a sure bet means that you are betting on various single bets on different sportsbooks that have evaluated the odds a little differently than one another. Even placing the opposite of the bet you are deciding to wager may mean a possible win. However, remember that any wager does not guarantee an instant win.

Another way you can try to enhance your chances of coming out on top is a multibet where you can bet on the outcomes of matches across multiple teams rather than just on one team. Doing this strategy means analyzing prior success and failures amongst these teams, overviewing the coach’s strategies during gameplay, and reviewing the gameplay formations of the upcoming matchup. Receiving expert opinion from various credible sources can help you to make a more informed decision before placing a sports bet.

Fun Facts About Zimbabwe Football

There are many fun facts that you may not know about Zimbabwe’s football scene with one being a women’s team making history in the Olympic Games. The Mighty Warriors is a Zimbabwean women’s football team that made history in 2016 when they became the first team ever from Zimbabwe to enter the qualifiers for the 2016 Olympic Games.

While the men’s national Zimbabwe football team has never gotten to the qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup finals, they have been able to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations for five times during its history. Zimbabwe has made record-breaking winning progress by taking the trophy for the COSAFA six times.

Source: newzimbabwe.com

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